Monday, January 16, 2012


The library is a place that I love, Love, LOVE!!!  We live in an area where we are blessed with multiple libraries and one card gets you a membership at all of them so you can borrow items (with different restrictions for each library) of many kinds...books, magazines, DVDs, Cd's, play-aways, books on CD and much more.  The libraries around us offer many different programs for children, adults, and families.  I am sure that there is so much offered by our local libraries that I don't even have a clue about half of the things they offer, but I do know I love going to the library.  I love walking into the quiet and just looking through the collections.  I love seeing the new items shelved near the older items that have been checked out over and over.  I love having so much information in one place.  I love that I can talk to a librarian and he or she knows exactly where to find what I am looking for.  I love the rows of books.  I love that the library is so inviting and has so much to offer.  I could get lost in there for hours and not mind all the time I lost at all.  

I fondly remember going to the library with my mom and brother as a child.  I remember we would go on her off day and spend what seemed like a short amount of time there, but in reality I am sure hours passed for us there.  I remember going in and my mom showing us where the kids section was.  Then we would pick out stacks of books and curl up in their bean bag chairs and read while my mom went over and picked out books for her.  I remember getting my first library card.  It was a paper card with my name on it surrounding a little metal piece that they punched in a machine before I checked out and then they stamped the due date on the card in the back of the book.  I thought I was so smart just because I had my own library card and I guess I was with so many books and so much knowledge surrounding me in the library.  

I have always had a library card since then and never really realized how much power and knowledge it holds.  You can access so much information with one little card.  So it is natural that I take my kids to the library and I hope to instill my love of this place in them.  It isn't just a place we go for free movies and music, it is a place to go to build our imagination through reading, gain knowledge through searching for the perfect book on a subject and reading it, and just for a fun program or two.  So why is the library on my brain today?  Today was the first day of Preschool Story Time for Baby Bear.  She was excited to go and it reminded me of when Buddy Bear was in Story Time and how much he loved it.  Baby Bear loved Story Time and she sat quietly, listening to the librarian read.  She interacted when called on and waited patiently for the instructions for her craft project.  As Buddy Bear worked on school at a table nearby, I looked up and saw him as a toddler again for a split second and remembered how much he loved story time and how he listened to the stories and waited patiently for craft instructions.  That made me remember my trips to the library as a little girl and how much I loved the time we spent there.  I hope that my kids will be as fond of the library (and books) as I am and that when they are older they will cherish the memories of our trips to the library like I cherish my library memories and they will still enjoy getting lost in the rows of books like they do now.

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