Saturday, January 21, 2012


A favorite breakfast food here at our house are pancakes.  Almost everyday Baby Bear and I have the same conversation...

Me:  What do you want for breakfast today?
Baby:  Pantakes
Me:  Other than pancakes
Baby:  Bacon with pantakes?
Me:  Maybe tomorrow....
Selfish I know.  I should make them pancakes more often especially since they are so easy to make.  I just don't make them every day because it is time consuming to stand at the stove flipping pancakes.  So I usually triple the batch of batter which leaves me with plenty of leftovers for the kids for the next few mornings.

Baby Bear woke up today asking for pancakes today just like normal.  Since it is Saturday and I had already planned a lazy kind of day, I said okay.  We got out my trust ol' Betty Crocker cookbook and flipped it page 49.  Page 49 is well worn from many years of making pancakes.  On a side note, my Betty Crocker cookbook has been a wonderful friend to me for the past 13 (soon to be 14) years as I received it as a wedding shower present.  Back to my original thoughts...Buddy Bear began collecting ingredients and Baby Bear helped out when she was able to.  I was excited to try out this to mix my batter to see if the pancakes came out fluffier...

So we poured all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and let the mixer do the mixing.  Then I had a great idea that I am sure someone else figured out long before me, but I figured it out today.  Instead of using a small measuring cup to put my batter in the frying pan like I normally do, I decided to put my batter in a decorator's bottle.  I normally keep chocolate syrup in the bottle to squeeze out over mochas, but I figured squeezing the batter out of the bottle would equal similar size pancakes and a little less mess.  So I used my funnel to fill the bottle and cut the top just a little bigger.  Guess what?  It worked perfectly.  All of my pancakes turned out roughly the same size which were the perfect size for my kids' appetites, it took me less time to cook the triple batch (uniform size = uniform cooking time), and the pancakes turned out pretty (I am a foodie at heart and need my food to look pretty).  I also learned, but need practice, that you could use the bottle to make shapes out of the batter...guess who will be making some heart shaped pancakes for Valentine's Day?  So while I normally dread making pancakes, I am actually looking forward to making some extra for freezing this week.  Then when Baby Bear requests her pantakes for breakfast, I can oblige.

Cooking pancakes, attempting shapes , my batter bottle being filled in the background.
The Kenmore Stand Mixer in the picture in this post was a Christmas gift from my very loving hubby.  I am in no way associated with Kenmore or advertising for Kenmore.  The picture just happens to have the brand name in it.  I also do not represent Betty Crocker but do love my cookbook.

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