Sunday, February 5, 2012


My day starts the same way every morning.  I get up out of bed, stumble my way to the bathroom, brush my teeth, stumble my way to the kitchen, and start the coffee brewing.  Just knowing my coffee is brewing, I can continue my morning routine.  Knowing the coffee will be ready in just a minute helps me get showered and dressed just a little faster, it puts a little pep in my step before I ever get my first sip.  The funny thing about coffee is that years ago when I first got married I didn't even like coffee.  It smelled good to me, but tasted terrible.  I guess my hubby slowly wore me down and increased my curiosity.  I eventually worked up my nerve to try it and I admit when I first started drinking coffee it was more flavored creamer than it ever was coffee because I just didn't like the flavor of coffee.  Fast forward a child and many sleepless nights later and I needed my coffee in the morning to clear the grogginess from my eyes and to keep up with a very energetic little boy.  My morning coffee became less creamer and more coffee, I was serious about my caffeine buzz now.  Fast forward to the present and my day isn't complete without WAY too many cups of coffee, but I guess that just cements my place in my hubby's coffee addicted family (read family that says hi as you walk in the door while they are starting the coffee pot knowing that the pot will be quickly emptied and only the first of many).  I was reminded how coffee addicted they are as our family went to lunch today with my brother-in-laws family and my brother-in-law ordered coffee to drink with his Mexican food.  As we questioned his decision, he said, "What?  Coffee is good in the afternoon."  While I agree with him, I am not sure about coffee with my Mexican food.  I am right there with him though.  I usually find myself having some sort of coffee in the afternoon for a quick little pick me up.  It is usually an iced coffee or a homemade mocha, but it makes me smile and helps put a pep in my step to play with the kids, get dinner started, and finish up the last of my chores for the day.  I know I consume too much coffee, but it just tastes good.  I still put flavored creamer in my coffee, but these days it is less creamer and more caffeine coffee.  What can I say?  I love coffee (don't get me started on my love of mocha and lattes, that is a whole other post)!

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