Wednesday, March 28, 2012

GPS and A Life Lesson

Our GPS has a great sense of humor.  Every trip that we go on and use our GPS for we end up in funny places.  She (yes, it is a she or least that is what the voice is set to right now) likes to take us off the freeway on to country roads that are serious back roads.  She also likes to help us tour places we wouldn't normally go through.  Honestly I think she just does these little detours when I am in the car with my hubby.  I think she may have a thing for him and be a little jealous of me because we only seem to go on these little "detours" when I am in the car with him.  I think she senses my presence and decides "I'll teach them by sending them on a wild goose chase."  Some great examples of her sense of humor include taking us through a cemetery to get to a major zoo, a detour through an abandoned part of a major city, and a long trip down a road named "Deep Cut Road."  I mean, seriously, who lives on Deep Cut Road?  Isn't that a bad horror movie waiting to happen?  Anyway, my point is our GPS which is supposed to keep us on track and get us to our destination in the quickest, most efficient route leads us astray.  She is a little flawed.
Last week we went on a little "Spring Break" of sorts.  We went with my hubby on his trip back to Cincinnati.  It was a Spring Break in the sense that we were away from home, we got to do some sight-seeing, and we spent our last night there in an indoor water park courtesy of our tax refund, but I am a tough home school mom and we took our school with us to work on during the day while my hubby was working.  We left a little late on Tuesday evening and we were hoping that our GPS wouldn't really lead us on any wild goose chases because we were tired and looking forward to a nice, easy, uneventful trip to our hotel.  Of course our GPS had different plans for us.  We had to make a pit stop (with 2 kids who doesn't have to make a pit stop?) and as we got back on the highway our GPS was soon leading us in a different direction.  The route she had marked was for us to jump over to a different highway and take it down into Cincinnati.  What we didn't know about her new route was that it would lead us down some serious back roads.  You know the kind where you hear dueling banjos?  The one road we went down was seriously called "Deep Cut Road."  Enough said.  My hubby and I had a whole conversation about why our GPS always tends to lead us in the wrong direction to get us to the right destination.  It is oddly amusing to see where her sense of humor will lead us next.
So the next day I was in the hotel room with the kids working on their school work with them and I was thinking about our adventures with our GPS.  I knew there was some kind of parallel to life in general and our GPS adventures.  I figured it out while I was doing my daily devotions, funny how God gives you the answers you are looking for at just the right moment.  My walk with Christ is like the GPS.  I get on the right path - reading my Bible, studying my Bible, praying, applying the things I am learning, attending church, and winning the battle against sin.  Then something comes up - I oversleep or something and I don't get a chance to study my Bible - and one thing leads to another and I get off my path.  Getting off the path happens so quickly and one step off of the path, leads to two steps, and before I know it, I feel lost, overwhelmed, and burdened.  These are all feelings the devil tries to bury me under so that I feel unworthy.  Once I realize I am off the path, I quickly turn to God and ask for help to get back on the right path and help to stay on the right path.  God takes me by the hand and leads me right back to His path for me.  God is good, merciful, Holy, forgiving, and most of all He is seeking us, calling us, looking for us so that He can lead us down His path.  He knows that His way is best and He knows we will stray from His path, but He is always there with open arms waiting for us to come back.  Once I am back on the correct path, my destination becomes clear and I can focus on it.  I know where the checkered flag is and I just have to keep following the right route.  I have to look to God for the answers and not the world.  The world will lead me off the path of God and leave me feeling empty, but God never does.  His path is the only path for me.  I never thought I would get all of this insight from a GPS with a sense of humor, but I did and I am glad I did because now I know I need to focus my attention on staying on the correct route (path), be aware of detours and bunny trails, and set my eyes on the checkered flag.


  1. The cemetary is TOO funny! It's so true that it seems like everytime I start to really move in the right direction with God I stumble and end up way off on my own path somewhere. Great post! :)

    1. Thanks! The GPS definitely has her own sense of humor, but I was glad I could get a life message out of it.

  2. This is a great analogy. My pastor once preached a sermon on how God is like a GPS. :-D Thanks for visiting my blog today!


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