Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Maybe We Should See Other People

Dear Indianapolis Colts,
Really?  Really?  You would really do this to me?  I am not a huge sports fanatic, but I have become a football fan.  I have learned about the sport, what to look for in the game, and how to yell at the TV at the appropriate times.  Okay, so maybe it was to bond with my hubby and figure out what he was so passionate about, but I still became a fan.  I loved you from the moment I started watching football.  You have been a great team, my home team, and you have always played with such good sportsmanship.  I have always stood by and kept watching even when it wasn't pretty and we both know that there were some pretty ugly times.  I hung in there and refused to stop rooting for you when almost everyone else did last season and people thought I was crazy for still believing.  Now?  You've gone too far.  Rumor has it that you will release Peyton Manning today and that my team, I can't take.  He is a wonderful quarterback, always professional, always displays good sportsmanship, and is an all around good guy.  I understand it is just a business decision for you, but for me the Colts won't be the same with out Peyton.  If you let him go, we are going to have to see other people and by see other people I mean I won't be cheering for you as loudly or as boldly and if it gets ugly again, I don't think I can keep rooting as much.  I know you are still a great organization and you have done a lot for the state of Indiana and I will always have a place for you in my heart, but without Peyton, I'm going to need some time to see other people.  I think I will be spending a little time with another team that has another Manning brother until Peyton makes an official announcement.  So Colts I would say its not you its me, but really it is you this time.  I hope that you wouldn't let go of someone with such a great record but if you do, we should see other people, you understand right?
Cassandra (who very rarely talks sports, but is a little upset about the possible departure of Peyton Manning from the Indianapolis Colts and who also promises to continue with normal, non-sports blogging in the very near future.)

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