Monday, March 12, 2012

Random Thoughts for Monday

I know I should have a really good post ready for today, but I don't.  My weekend did not go anywhere close to planned (nothing bad, just plans kept changing) so I didn't get a "really cool" blog post written for today.  So I will post random thoughts instead because I mean really why should I keep them to myself :)

  • This week is a busy week - there is something going on every day.  I'm tired already.
  • Menu plan for the week - taco salad, fish with broccoli and couscous, shepherd's pie, crock-pot rotisserie chicken, bean burritos, and beef and noodles with mashed potatoes.  Menu is subject to change due to this cook's inability to decide what sounds good for dinner.  :)
  • Every time I blog and type out crock-pot as one word like this: crockpot, my spell check counts it wrong and gives me crackpot as a correct spelling which makes me giggle.
  • Daylight savings time screws up my schedule every spring and fall.  I don't like it and you can't convince me to.  I don't get it and I truly think it is the master plan of an evil genius to just mess with moms and screw up our schedules.
  • Projects I am currently working on include one for a blog tutorial, a cross stitch that I have been putting down and picking back up to work on over the last 10 years (its a pain and I always find a better project to do, but I am still determined to finish it), and multiple scrapbooks because I can't focus on just one scrapbook at a time.  I really should scrap chronologically, but I just like to create layouts when I have ideas for the pictures.  Can you tell I have focus issues?
  • Baby Bear is sick.  She had to go to the doctor.  She has bronchitis.
  • I really need to catch up on entering the grading in the computer.  The papers are graded it is just a matter of getting the grades in the program I use.
  • I am still looking for my I Pod charging cord.  I have torn apart and put back together several areas of my house in search of said cord, but have not had any luck.  I swear I can hear the cord laughing at me as it is hiding and I am sure I will find it in the most obvious spot and feel really dumb, but right now that spot is eluding me.
  • I have been pricing replacement I Pod charging cords.  They are as expensive as I thought they may be, but I can't bring myself to buy one just yet.  I have a few more places to look in my house for the cord that mocks me.
  • I could use a nap between Baby Bear being sick and not sleeping much and the whole Daylight Savings Time switch sleep has not been good here at our house.
  • Upcoming posts should include a kids craft tutorial, a dessert recipe, my family, double duty tips, and hopefully be a little better planned.  I'm trying here, but I warned you when I started this blog it would be completely random.  :)  Thanks for reading!  

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  1. Thank you for visiting my blog. I can relate to just about everything you said ... and can say "been there, done that". I'm sure that I'm as old as your mom ... but a mother's work is never done! We just keep plugging along.


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