Friday, April 20, 2012

Double Duty Tip #2

I have another double duty tip for you today.  I guess it is actually a multi-purpose double duty tip.  It involves an ingredient in your refrigerator.  The first time I used this ingredient it was out of desperation, I had forgotten to pick up something at the store and was looking for a quick fix for my spaghetti sauce to thicken it.  The second way I use this ingredient is to cool down foods that are a little to spicy for my kiddos.  The third way you can use this ingredient is to polish silver.  Have you guessed what my double duty, multipurpose tip ingredient is?


That's right, ketchup is my double duty, multipurpose tip ingredient.  I use it to thicken up spaghetti sauce (I make my own) if I am out of tomato paste.  Just add a dollop or two to your sauce, stir, and it will thicken.  I use it to cool down spicy dishes for my kiddos.  My hubby and I like spicy food and every once in awhile the meals I make like chili get a little too spicy for the kids so they reach for the ketchup.  They add a squirt, stir, and it cuts down the spice.  I don't have any silver to polish but I have read in several magazines and on several websites that you can polish your silver with ketchup.  Who knew that a simple ingredient I keep on hand for burgers, hot dogs, and tater tots could do so many other things too?  I am glad I reached for it out of desperation one day and figured out what it can do.


  1. It's so funny when you find these little tidbits out! Like who decided one day "Let's just see if ketchup will make my silver look better?" REALLY! LOL

    1. I know right? It is a weird tip about ketchup and silver, but I guess one day someone was polishing their silver and they were desperate like I was when I ran out of tomato paste. :)


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