Saturday, June 23, 2012

Buddy Bear's Birthday Cake

It is birthday time again already and I am just not ready for it, emotionally.  It seems just yesterday that we were patiently awaiting the arrival of Buddy Bear.  Now he is quickly approaching double digits, but not this year.  Enough sappy, on to Buddy Bear's cake.  It is tradition in our house for me to make the birthday cakes for the kids.  I have made every cake except for Buddy Bear's cake last year.  I ran out of time and had no less than 17 things going on and I had a friend make the cake for me, but it just didn't feel right having someone make the cake for me.  So this year it was back to making the cake myself.  Buddy asked for a Mickey Mouse themed cake and that got the wheels turning.  Just before he asked for a Mickey cake I had been scrap booking the pictures of our Disney trip so the idea for his cake came pretty quickly.  I don't know if you have ever seen a Disney parade, but there is nothing like it.  They are AWESOME.  So I decided I would make a parade of cake floats.  It all started with baking my cakes in bread pans along with making mini cupcakes.  I also made marshmallow fondant to cover the cakes for the first time.  Here are the before and after pictures...
Crumb Coating
The cakes started off looking like Lego's
Ratatouille and Mickey and the Gang
Dalmatians and Toy Story
Mickey and the Gang
101 Dalmatians
Toy Story


  1. What a great cake! I love it! Thank you for sharing with us on Saturday Show and Tell. I hope you'll join us again this week!

    1. Thanks for hosting! I love the great ideas posted on your blog and your blog hop!


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