Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back in School

I can't believe how fast our summer flew by this year.  It seems like just yesterday we were on our last day of 3rd grade and now we are already a week into 4th grade and Preschool.  That's right, we have officially started our school year.  I was all prepared to start school last Wednesday (okay, you got me, almost all prepared), but last Monday morning as I was sitting drinking my coffee and checking email, Buddy Bear came out of his room with groggy eyes and asked to start school that morning.  I told him that we had plans for the afternoon, fun plans even, but he still wanted to start his school day.  So I said okay and sent him off to shower with tears in my eyes.   I was shocked that Buddy Bear was the one asking to start school because this was just so unlike him.  Last year he dreaded school every day and kept asking why school mattered (I admit that we had a pieced together curriculum that even I didn't care for).  Even earlier this summer anytime anything was said about school, Buddy Bear just groaned.  One day though, J, my hubby, had a chat with Buddy Bear about what his new curriculum was like and what our school days would look like and since then Buddy Bear started getting excited for school.  He was excited to switch to Sonlight which meant that we would be working side by side a lot of the time and that we spend a lot of our day reading from books that are interesting and exciting for him.  It was such a huge blessing and answer to prayer to have him ask to start school and really, truly it meant that I dropped my plans for last week and started school.  Buddy Bear is really loving his new curriculum and is pretty excited about it still.  He is excited that we work together to learn and excited for the projects he gets to do.  Although J was pretty excited last week that he got to come home from work and help with our first science experiment.  It was pretty cool.  J volunteered to do all the science experiments with Buddy Bear if he can and I was pretty geeked about that because I have never been super excited about science.  J came in the door this Monday after work asking "Do we get to do a science experiment today?"  I had to let him down gently and tell him that there wasn't an experiment planned until this Thursday, he was a little bummed, but J will survive.  We are a family that loves learning and that is a good thing.  We are only a little more than a week into school, but we are loving it and excited about what else this year will bring.


  1. WOW - back in school already - I guess one is never away from "homeschool." :-)
    I'm your newest follower from the "flock together" blog hop. I would love a "follow-back" - http://godsgrowinggarden.com/

  2. Thanks for looking and yes we never really break from school completely, just don't tell my kiddos.


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