Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Buddy Bear's Bedroom Makeover (Part 2)

Yesterday I posted about Buddy Bear's bedroom makeover.  You can see the before pictures here.  Once I got the idea to turn his room into a lodge and I bought the sign that I found the ideas just started flowing.  We decided that we wanted to get rid of his big, bulky, heavy dresser and replace it with something different.  We knew where to head...one of my favorite places...IKEA!  I spent some time before our adventure to IKEA on their website scoping out the products we wanted and making a detailed list.  We purchased his bed with built in drawers underneath, his rug, his Lego cart,  and his bedding at IKEA.  We debated back and forth about putting carpet back in his bedroom or replacing it with something different.  Ultimately we decided to do wood flooring because Buddy does have allergies and we were curious to see if removing the carpet would help him (so far it has).  Buddy Bear picked the paint color himself and I found many of the decorations at one of my other favorite stores, Hobby Lobby.  We still have one big open wall and I am in search of something for it, but when I see it, I will know what should go there.  So here is Buddy Bear's new room (excuse the mess, I didn't warn him I was taking pictures)....
A new to us door from the Habitat Restore, it still needs to be stained the right color.

Looking in from the door.

The new bed with drawers underneath that replaced the dresser.

The corner where the loft bed used to be.

The new bed again.

Looking out into the hallway.

The sign above the door was my inspiration for the room.

This is the wall that needs more decorations...in due time.

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