Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Papa York

This weekend was a hard one.  It was filled with joy, but filled with grief at the same time.  This weekend my Papa York died.  Papa is my paternal grandfather.  He was an AMAZING man.  While my heart is sad and I am grieving, there is joy at the same time.  My Papa was 92 years young and going strong right up until he had a stroke at the end of last week.  It was a massive stroke, the kind that people just don't recover from.  It was hard news to hear especially since there was nothing I could do.  That side of my family is across the country from me and plane tickets are not cheap at this time of the year, plus even if I had been there with them there was nothing that I could do except wait with them.  Papa was always there even though my parents divorced when we were young and my mom moved us back to where she grew up (which means across the country).  He always stayed connected to our lives and made sure we knew that we were loved and special to him.  He wrote us letters, he called us, and every once in awhile we would receive something special in the mail from him.  He filled us in on his life just like we were right there with him.  My Papa was a wonderful storyteller and he had stories to tell.  He served in the military and was a school teacher in a small Arizona town.  He loved life and lived every moment to the fullest.  He didn't know strangers and everyone loved him.  I have lots of wonderful memories of my Papa that I will cherish.  I wish you all could have know him because you would have loved him like all of his family does.

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