Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Weight-Loss Wednesdays

This week I am keeping my post short, sweet, and to the point.  For the last week Baby Bear has running a really high fever that the doctor has attributed to the nasty virus that is going around.  I knew the chances were good that I would catch it from her, but how can you not cuddle with a sweet little 4 year old who feels miserable?  So, yep, I finally caught her fever and today I feel lousy, I mean like really, really lousy.  I did manage to quickly hop on the scale this morning to get a weigh-in.  I was pleasantly surprised and as happy as a sick woman can be to see a loss on the scale.  I have been trying to eat better and get back on track with water and veggies and it is paying off.  I lost 2.5 pounds this morning for a total of 13 pounds lost.  I am excited to see progress.  I am excited that my clothes are fitting differently and I will be really excited when I feel well again.

Changes implemented:
Reintroduce limited caffeine starting 12/21/12
Re-start 30 day fitness challenge Week of 1/1/13
Increased water intake - 12/1/12
Reduced sugar intake - 12/1/12

Weight to lose: 37 lbs.

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