Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weight-Loss Wednesday

Not much to report today on the weight loss front.  I seem to have hit a plateau and keep bouncing back and forth between two numbers that are one half pound apart.  Today I was on the higher side of that number and scale shows a half pound gain.  I am determined to not let this defeat me.  I know that I have been doing the right things, eating the right food, drinking enough water, and working out harder.  So I am thinking that my body is just trying to catch up with the changes.  I have lost a total of eight pounds and kept them off.  I know I can lose more, because I have seen lower numbers.  I am just in a little bit of a slump right now.

Changes implemented:
Reintroduce limited caffeine starting 12/21/12
Finish first 30 day fitness challenge 1/30/13
Start 30 Day Fitness Challenge at high intensity 2/1/13
Increased water intake - 12/1/12
Reduced sugar intake - 12/1/12

Weight to lose: 42 lbs.

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