Tuesday, October 13, 2015

What I Have Been Reading

I have posted several times about my love of reading.  It is one of my favorite things to do.  I love to curl up with a cup of coffee or tea in my favorite spot on the couch and read.  I read a wide variety of books (check out my kindle app for proof of that), but lately have been focusing on a few different series.  I started each of these series of books not quite knowing what to expect, but I really ended up loving them both and I can't wait for my trips to the library to get the next book in each of these series. 

  • Kathy Herman - I LOVE her books!!!  I previously posted that I read through her Sophie Trace Trilogy Series  and the Secrets of the Roux River Bayou Series.  In the past year I have finished all of the books in The Baxter Series, Seaport Suspense Series, and Phantom Hollow Series.  I truly enjoyed each of these book series as they are Inspirational Fiction, mysteries, and for me they each raised questions about relevant topics - for example: Who is my neighbor?  Do I love my neighbor like Jesus does? and so many more.  I loved getting caught up in the characters and walking through these questions with them as they figured it out for themselves and I thought about what I would do and how I would answer them.  I also read the first book in the Ozark Mountain Trilogy and I am patiently awaiting for the next book to come out in this series.  I love Kathy Herman's writing style and the topics she writes about.  I highly recommend her books.

  • Neta Jackson - I have to admit when I picked up the first book in her The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, I wasn't sure about it.  I wasn't sure if it was my kind of book as I typically stick to "mystery" books.  For me this series started off a little slow, but I am not a quitter so I kept reading and 3 chapters into the book, I was hooked.   I had to see how the story ended and then when it did I was sad and wanted to read more.  I ended reading this whole series in about 5 months and completely LOVED it.  I couldn't wait for the next book and my next trip to the library.  I loved the characters from the story and how their lives intertwined with one another.  By the end of The Yada Yada Prayer Group Series, I felt like I knew each character and they were friends.  I was sad to see that series end, but very happy to see some of the characters from that series pop up in Neta Jackson's next series The House of Hope Series.  I just finished the two books in this series and LOVED them as well.  I am anxious to get to the library and get the next book to keep reading. 

  • Lysa Terkeurst - This lady is one of my favorite Christian Non-Fiction authors.  Her books just touch me and deal with topics that are so relevant to me.  I joined an online Bible study from Proverbs 31 Ministries this spring and it went through Lysa's book What Happens When Women Walk in Faith.  WOW!!!!  This book was just exactly what I needed at the time and I was encouraged by it SO much.  When I was reading it, I happened to be going through a very rough period where two of my best friends passed away and my other best friend and her family left our church.  I think God truly wanted me to step out and study this book so that He could speak to me and He truly did through this book.  Go out and get it today if you want to change your life.
That is it.  These are the books that have been filling my reading schedule lately.  I am sure I have read others too, but just can't recall them at the moment.  Let me know if you check out any of the books I have read and your thoughts on them!

*I have in no way been compensated for this post nor was I asked by any of the authors to give my opinion.  All thoughts, reviews, and opinions are my own.  I simply love to share the good books I read with others so they can read a good book too.



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