Friday, November 6, 2015

November Menu Plan

I admit it, I am not consistent at menu planning at all.  I go through phases where I plan for a week or two and then something throws it off and I stop planning and just wing the dinner menu plan.  Just winging it leads to eating out, going over the food budget, and wasting what is in the fridge.  It becomes frustrating.  So on Sunday morning, my hubby asked if we had a plan for lunch and I had to admit, I did not have a all.  My hubby is all for planning and that is a quality I love about him, because I am the one who likes to wing it and gets caught in a mess more often than not.  I knew I needed to stop being lazy about it and put together a menu plan for the rest of the month.  Once I sat down and started figuring it out, I actually created a dinner menu plan for the rest of the year, but I am just going to list out November's plan for now.  Never fear though, I promise to put up December's menu plan as that month gets closer.  I created our menu plan based on what we have in our freezer and recipes that we love or want to try from Pinterest.

Here is our menu plan for November:

2 - Salmon with zucchini and butternut squash fries
3 - Potato soup
4 - Green Beans, Potatoes, & Kielbasa
5 - BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad
6 - Pizza (Fridays are always pizza nights and I make some sort of pizza each week)
7 - Enchilada Bake
8 - Special plans
9 - Top Secret
10 - Top Secret
11 - Pretzel Dogs
12 - Skillet Chicken and Spinach Parmesan
13 - Pizza
14 - Just Like Real Lasagna
15 - Vegetable Beef Stew
16 - Cheeseburger Cauliflower Casserole
17 - Tilapia
18 - Hamburgers
19 - Nancy Soup - a recipe named for the friend who created it
20 - Pizza
21 - Tacos
22 - Taco Soup
23 - Cheeseburger Soup
24 - Beef & Broccoli
25 - Burrito Bowls
27 - Pizza
28 - To Be Announced
29 - Ham & Bean Soup
30 - Zuppa Toscana

You can find some of the recipes here on my Pinterest board, titled November Menu Plan.  Not all of the recipes are there because some of them don't require a recipe and some of the recipes are something I decide the day we have it, i.e. pizza.  Our Friday night pizza and what kind of pizza I fix depends on how we are feeling and what kind of pizza we are craving.  Also some of the recipes you might find on my other Pinterest boards.  I have listed some Top Secret Days, I do have a plan for those but I can't share it just yet with you.  Lastly our menu around Thanksgiving is very flexible because I am never quite sure how long family will stay and what we will be doing. While I always think it will take forever to menu plan, it really ends up saving me time and money because there is no guessing what will be for dinner, no unplanned trips out to eat, and no throwing away food because we didn't use it.  For now I just planned out dinners, but I want to get better at planning lunches and breakfasts too, but one step at a time....right?

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