Thursday, December 31, 2015

A HUGE Praise!!!

I am so excited to share a HUGE praise with you guys today!  This praise involves forgiveness, mercy, grace, provisions, and blessings - all straight from God.  Let me back up and tell you the back story first.  Like many people do I went to college.  I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Education and a lot of college debt.  For many years, way too many years, we did not take this student loan payment seriously and we were wrong.  God really got a hold of our hearts about this and kept prodding us that we needed to take care of this student loan.  He kept showing us all the ways this large debt was holding us back.  So on January 28, 2015 we decided to get serious about paying off my student loans from college.  We first prayed for God's forgiveness for not taking these loans seriously and not using our money wisely.  Then we prayed that God would help us find a way to pay these loans off.  We prayed BIG because we knew it was a large debt and then we prayed HUGE because we asked God to help us pay the loans off by the end of the year.  It was a GOD-sized prayer because there was no way on our own that we could save enough money to pay off the debts on our own.  God answered our prayers this year.  He was faithful to us.  We prayed and HE started answering.  He provided step by step.  He provided opportunities for us to earn extra money that we would have over looked in the past or we would have used the money wastefully in the past.  God provided for us by having someone pay us back money that we had loaned them over two years ago.  This money was paid to us out of the blue because we thought we were never going to get the money back and we knew it was straight from God.  There are so many other ways through out the year that God provided the money for us to pay down the loan bit by bit, piece by piece.  We know that it is only through GOD and HIS provisions for us that today on December 31, 2015 we paid off my student loans.  While we were praying that God would use us for His purpose, He was saying that with this debt we would be anchored to it and it would limit us.  Additionally, He reminded us that we needed to have our "house" in order, so that our focus would be on His will.  The greatest blessing is that our kids were able to experience God's answer to prayer and see a little of what He is able to do.  This debt is no longer hanging over our heads and we are so grateful to God that He is faithful to us even when we have not been good stewards of our money.  God is so good and so faithful!!!

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