Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Be Still

Have you ever really struggled with a situation and just not known what to do about it?  A situation that you prayed and prayed over and still feel like you were not getting any answers.  You think you have made a decision and are ready and then something else happens and you know now is not the time.  So you pray again and again, you think you have made a decision and then again something happens and you try to make your decision happen and you just can't.  Has this happened to you over and over?  It has for me.  There is a specific situation in our life that we keep praying over and we think we have it figured out and we have a true answer and then something will happen and the decision gets blurry again.  Then something else happens and the answer becomes clear.  It feels like God is telling us something, but then we start asking more questions and it seems like it is just us trying to make the decision and not God.  It has been exhausting, frustrating, and it leaves us feeling torn every time we think over our situation that we have been praying so hard about.  Without saying too much about our situation since it is a private matter, I can tell you that it concerns a path for our family to take together.

But as always God is faithful and He uses the Holy Spirit to prod me and grab my attention.  He did this just this past weekend when I was really struggling with our situation.  I was listening to someone speak and they said something about they sometimes get ahead of themselves and think God is leading, but they realize they have taken the matter into their own hands.  Insert poking and prodding from the Holy Spirit here because all of a sudden everything in me knew this was exactly what I was doing.  I was trying to get ahead of God and figure out the answers to my prayers and situation before He was providing them.  I've been praying for answers and a clear sign about our situation and telling God I was waiting, but then on my own I was looking very hard to find my own answers.  God really used the Holy Spirit in that moment to grab hold of me and get my attention.  I was so convicted that I started praying right there.  I asked for forgiveness for saying I was giving the situation to God, but then trying to find answers on my own.  I asked for forgiveness for the ways I have judged the situation and tried to force my opinion on it.  I prayed that God would help me get out of my own way so that He could work and He could truly lead because that is what I and we truly want for the outcome of this situation.  We want God to lead us, to show us His direction for us, and to make it clear.  I had been so eager for an answer I was trying to force it.  God met me in that moment and gave me this verse to cling to.  He has it on auto repeat in my mind and there is no doubt from me that God placed it there. 

The whole verse is “Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalm 46:10 (ESV)

I know it is from God because it has brought me such peace about the situation.  It has opened my eyes and I can see that I truly need to follow this verse and let God work.  So now I sit and wait knowing that God is in control and I feel His peace about our situation.  I know He is at work and I know in His timing and according to His plans He will let us know what to do.  I truly know that now, without a doubt and I am happy to BE STILL.

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