Thursday, January 28, 2016

Why I Participate in Scripture Writing

One of the first things I try and do every day is spend time in my Bible.  That is the best time of day for me to read and study God's word.  I can't really claim that I am a morning person and I really never have been, but that is when it is quiet in my house and mornings are when it works best for me to study.  I have tried several times to do my studying in the evening before bed, but I must admit, sadly, there are many nights when this tired mama would fall asleep reading the Bible.  So mornings it is.  One thing I have always done with my Bible reading is to write down verses that really "speak" to me or ones that pertain to my current situation, etc.  It is not a new concept for me to write down scripture.  You can open several of my notebooks around the house and find verses written in them.  In the last few months I have gotten very purposeful about my scripture writing.  

I was very intrigued last November by friends on Facebook who were participating in Scripture Writing.  They had a plan that someone had created that listed verses about thankfulness that you wrote down each day.  The intent of them was for you to look up the verses and meditate on them while you are writing them.  Each day this activity would take you 5-15 minutes depending on the passage being written.  To be honest I was also a little bummed about the scripture writing because I had missed starting it at the beginning of the month and at the point where I saw it, the month was about half over, so that got me to thinking.  I really wanted to get into my Bible more, learn more scripture, and spend time reading it daily.  That was a commitment I had made and I wanted to keep it.  So just before December started, I saw friends posting the December Scripture writing list and I knew for sure that I wanted to participate.  I wasn't jumping on a bandwagon or being trendy, I started following these lists for Scripture Writing because I wanted to focus specifically on spending purposeful time in my Bible each day.  Not only do I write down the verses for each day's writing, I spend time checking out the chapter the verses are in and reading the verses around the ones I am writing.  I loved December's plan because it focused on Jesus.  There were passages that talked about his birth, passages from the Old Testament that predicted his birth, and more.  Then came time for January's Scripture Writing and I was completely on board.  This month's passages have been about being made new in Christ, the promises He has for us, and instructions for living among other things.  I enjoy doing the Scripture Writing and I plan to continue.  

February is quickly approaching and I already have my February Scripture Writing plan pinned on Pinterest (you guys should know by now I pin everything, just click the link to see the pin).  I am definitely going to continue writing out Scripture verses.  I like being able to meditate on them in this way and it is comforting to me that in the short time that I have been following the plans that were put together by Shannon over at Sweet Blessings (I don't know her personally, but she is a fellow blogger and I am LOVING her blog so go and check it out, add it to your reading lists), God has had me writing verses that have given me peace in all the craziness I have been dealing with.  I feel like there have been days that God knows exactly what I would need to see and write to remind me that He is in control and He knows all.  That is why I participate in the Scripture Writing - to hear God, be purposeful in my Bible, and study God's word.  

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