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HelpTeaching.com Review - A Great Additional Resource for Homeschooling

HelpTeaching Review
As a homeschool parent I have struggled to find worksheets, tests, and quizzes that are already made without having to pay a bunch of money per worksheet or that are actually filled with the content you want to find.  I certainly have struggled to find worksheets, tests, and quizzes that are grade level specific without being way too easy or being way too hard.  It always seems like I can find everything that I am not currently looking for without ever being able to find what I am looking for, until now.  For the past several weeks as part of the Schoolhouse Review Crew, we have been reviewing the Pro Plan at HelpTeaching.com which is full of worksheets, quizzes, and tests for a multitude of school subjects.  You can even create your own tests, quizzes, and worksheets on the online site.  We have found this site to be a valuable resource for our school.
These are the subjects you can find worksheets, lessons, quizzes, and tests for just for 7th grade.
HelpTeaching.com has worksheets, quizzes, and tests for every grade level, K-12, but we focused on the 7th grade content.  I really wanted to see what they had available for older students so we have not spent time checking out the lower grades yet.  Once you sign up for your subscription you can get your student(s) signed up for their accounts.  You can link their accounts by email so you can send them their scheduled assignments, but don't worry they don't have to have an email to work on the site.  Our son does not have his own email yet, but I wanted to see how the scheduled assignments worked so I set up my email as his email and this worked perfectly.  When I would schedule him a lesson or test, an email would pop into my account with a link that he could click and complete what I sent him.  After he finished, I could log onto to HelpTeaching.com and check out the results two different ways - question by question or the entire assignment.  
This is what the screen looks like when you schedule an assignment.  You can see I entered both of my students, but only gave an email to my son as he was the only one using the site right now.
We checked out many different lessons, worksheets, and tests for the 7th grade level.  My son loved all the Social Studies quizzes and begged to take them all because Social Studies is his favorite class.  He also completed some science lessons.  Some of the science lessons included videos in them and they had practice questions when the lesson was done which my son really liked.  We tried some of the language art assignments and quizzes.  My son liked watching the video explanations of the lessons for language arts, he said they did a good job of explaining the concept.  We also tried a math lesson on probability.  
Tests we had scheduled and tried
Lessons we scheduled

I also used the site to create some of my own worksheets and really enjoyed being able to create exactly what I wanted for my worksheets.  I created a worksheet for our Sunday School class that included their Bible verse for the week, what they learned from it, and an area for them to draw what they thought of when they thought about the verse.  I created another worksheet for my son to take with him to Grandma's house when I went out of town.  I wrote out the questions I would normally ask him from our regular curriculum for a book he was reading.  The last worksheet I created was a Spanish test.  For this test I went into the Test Maker and pulled up the subject of Spanish.  Then I went through all the questions that are already on the site and picked out the ones that I knew he had learned Spanish words and phrases for.  
The test and worksheets I created.
One of the things I really like about HelpTeaching.com besides being able to assign the lessons is that the site grades the work for me which is a HUGE plus in my book.  It grades the work in one of two ways.  If your student uses the links for the scheduled assignment their answers are recorded and checked as they work.  If you print off the lesson, worksheet, or test for the student, you can go back in once they are done and put in what answer they picked and it will grade it as you put the answers in.  I liked both methods and I liked being able to go in and check how my son did on the assignments quickly and I could see exactly what problems (if any) he got wrong and which answers he picked.  I also liked that you could see the total score or you could review each question for which answer they picked.  
This area is found under "My Content" and it is where you can choose how you, as the teacher, check the grading.
My son working on HelpTeaching.com 
Overall I was very impressed with the selection of quizzes, tests, worksheets, and lessons included with the Pro Plan from HelpTeaching.com.  I feel like they are a good supplement to any curriculum, but they would probably not work as the entire curriculum unless you were creating a LOT of your own content. My son also liked using the site and his only request was that they would add more Social Studies for 7th grade.  I am definitely going to encourage him to work on the Social Studies for other grades since he enjoyed it so much.  The Pro Plan subscription includes unlimited access to their online Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets, unlimited access to their online tests and worksheets, the ability to make and save your own tests and worksheets on their site, pre-made premium content, and more for a very reasonable price of $24.95 per year which I would say is very much worth your money.  I received my Pro Plan to review for free, but I would pay $24.95 per year for this subscription especially since I can use it with multiple students for multiple grades.  I recommend that you definitely check it out because there is so much more to the site that I still want to check out and use and I know that you will find items you can use in your school too.
You can connect with HelpTeaching.com on their website, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.  Please go and check out all they have to offer.  

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HelpTeaching Review

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