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Zonderkidz Faith Builders Bible Review

What do building bricks like Legos and the Bible have in common?  Everything if you have the Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz.  Our family had a chance to review the Faith Builders Bible recently and I can assure you my kids have been having a lot of fun reading their Bible lately.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

The Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz is a New International Readers Version (NIrV) of the Bible that includes 24 pages of illustrations of brick building so your kids can see examples of their favorite Bible stories built with building bricks like Legos.  It not only features the pages of brick building illustrations, it also includes a table of contents, a dictionary, and an index of Great Bible Stories for quick reference of where to find them.  Our Faith Builders Bible came in a hardcover format.  It normally sells for $24.99.

My kids were very excited for this review,  They love building with building bricks and they each have their own favorite Bible stories.  They had never really thought of building Bible stories with their bricks so when we received the Faith Builders Bible in the mail, they were excited to open it and see what it was all about.
Very excited to get the Faith Builders Bible in the mail
 The kids enjoyed looking through the pages of illustrations to see which Bible stories were featured in building bricks.  My son said that it helped him picture what may have been happening during the Bible stories and it has given him a new way to use his building bricks.  My daughter enjoyed using the building bricks to create scenes and said that by creating the scenes she understood the stories a little better.  Both of my kids are visual learners so when they can see what they are learning about, it sticks with them better and this is one of the things I really appreciated about the Faith Builders Bible. I also enjoyed the fact that while the NIrV Bible is an easier version of the Bible to read, it worked for both of my kids - the 2nd grader and the 7th grader.  They both used this Bible as part of their devotions and were able to get the information they needed from it for their appropriate age level.  As a mom, I was concerned that maybe my daughter who is not as experienced with building bricks as my older son would struggle to build the images and stories represented in this Bible, but she didn't have any issues with that.  She was able to look at the pictures and build the scenes on her level and she was happy about what she built and that she built them on her own - a win for every body and this Bible!  I also really like the fact that each illustration in the Bible also features a "Building Block Verse."  This is a verse that corresponds to whatever is being built and it is a great way for kids to memorize some Scripture.  My favorite thing about the Faith Builders Bible is that it has inspired my kids to play with the building bricks in a new way that keeps them learning about the Bible and God.  As they get better at building the scenes from the Bible, we can start searching through the verses for more details to add to our scenes which will have them studying the Bible more and that is a HUGE goal for our house.

He built a cute little sheep.
Close up of the sheep

She built a cross

My daughter built Jesus and Peter on the water.

My son built the Fruit of the Spirit

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}
The box in blue shows the Building Block Verse

In addition to using the Faith Builders Bible for our daily devotions, we plan on using this during our family devotion times.  We plan to continue to use it by my hubby or I reading a passage while the kids work on building scenes to represent what we are reading through.  This will keep them focused on the passage and getting the details out of it.  We also plan to use this Bible in our Sunday School.  We have been trying really hard to get out 4th-6th grade boys class to learn the books of the Bible in order and one of the very first pages in the Bible has this building brick illustration (see the picture below this paragraph) that we plan to use with our Sunday School class.  I think it will help them to have the visual representation of the books of the Bible and further reinforce what we have been teaching.
Building with Books of the Bible Illustration
The Faith Builders Bible from Zonderkidz is a book that will get a lot of use in our own house and in our Sunday School class.  It implements two of our favorite things - the Bible and building bricks.  I am all for books that get our kids thinking about God and His Word and this one definitely does that.  We really liked the full color illustrations of the Bible scenes and that we could use any building bricks we had on hand to build the scenes.  On some of the scenes it would have been nice to have step by step building instructions, but at the same time we liked that each child can use their own creative expression to create the scenes.  We definitely recommend this Bible for any building brick lovers out there.

You can check out Zonderkidz on Facebook or on Twitter.  Also be sure to check out my Review Crew friends and what they thought about the Faith Builders Bible.

Faith Builders Bible {Zonderkidz Review}

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