Monday, March 28, 2016

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: Be Flexible!

When I tell people that we homeschool I get many different reactions.  These range from "that is awesome" to "don't you live in a good school district" to "oh" and everything else in between.  The main comment I get repeated over and over to me is "That is great that you homeschool, but I could never do it because I am not a patient person."  Can I let you in on a couple of secrets?  #1 - I am not a patient person either.  #2 - I never dreamed I would homeschool my children.  #3 - Sometimes our days do not go according to how I have planned and they fall completely apart.  You know what?  All of this is okay.  I am gong to tell you a key tip to our homeschool and how we make it all work and honestly without this key tip, I think I would have lost my mind years ago.

The key tip for me to being able to successfully homeschool my kids is:  BE FLEXIBLE!!!!

I will admit that years ago when I first started homeschooling my son, I was rigid and inflexible.  I was on a mission to accomplish tasks and worksheets each day and when that didn't happen, my days were terrible.  I knew that something wasn't working, something had to change, and that something was me.  I had to change my attitude and my level of flexibility if this whole homeschooling thing was going to work.  So how do you become more flexible?

I started watching years ago for what really worked for our school and what didn't.  Being flexible means being aware and being willing to change what isn't working.  For us that meant even though I have a teaching background and I can do lesson planning, I had to switch to a curriculum that had lessons planned out for us.  I had to be flexible enough to admit that lesson planning was taking up too much of my time, I was using materials we didn't love, and it would be wiser for us to switch to a pre-planned curriculum.  It also means that I assess our pre-planned curriculum and see what is working for each child and make changes where we need to.  Dictation was driving one of my children crazy and it really became a dreaded, frustrating thing for that child.  I made the decision that even though it is a part of our curriculum, it isn't working for that child and I replaced it with a different subject for that child to work on.  At times being flexible has meant putting the lesson plans away for the day and working on something completely different because sometimes school is just frustrating and you and/or your kids are at your wits end with a subject.  Being flexible means you can make a science or math lesson out of baking cookies, a trip to the grocery store turns into a math and budgeting lesson, a walk at the park can become a science lesson, and so much more.  Being flexible means you are assessing what is working and what isn't and you can choose to fix what needs to be fixed without stressing out about it - at least that is what it means to me.  The best tip I can give you for successfully homeschooling your kids is to be flexible.  It will truly make homeschooling so much easier, it really has for me and my kids.

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  1. We all need the reminder to be flexible! Thanks!

  2. Flexibility is SO important isn't it? :)

    1. That is our key...flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. It has saved us more than once.

  3. Oh ain't that the truth. The older I get and the longer we homeschool the more flexible I become and overall the happier our entire homeschool environment is. Great post!

  4. So true. I've had to learn to be flexible also. I'm sorry to get sidetracked but how did I miss that you were renovating your kitchen? Scrolling down now...

    1. Because of the flexibility we have been able to homeschool through the kitchen renovation.

  5. We were thinking along the same lines for our first tip! Yes, being flexible is one of the keys to making our homeschool work - and flexibility means less stress for all of us!


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