Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents: Support

The simple definition of support from Merriam Webster is to agree with or approve of (someone or something), to show that you approve of (someone or something) by doing something, and/or to give help or assistance to (someone or something).  Support from our family and friends is extremely important in our daily life and I believe that it is critical to our homeschool journey.  It is possible to homeschool without good support, but it makes for a long, lonely journey.  There are plenty of people out there that will not understand or back your homeschool choices which is why I highly recommend finding family, friends, and other homeschool families that can offer you their full support throughout your homeschool journey.  Support doesn't mean that everyone in your circle will agree with every individual homeschool decision you make as we all have to make the decisions that work best for our family, but overall they support your decision to homeschool and teach your child with the method you have chosen.

So who is your support system when it comes to homeschooling?  I pray that first and foremost you turn to God and ask for His wisdom and pray about your school days.  God does care about you, your family, and your school.  I know sometimes it seems silly to ask Him for guidance in your day when so many big things are happening in the world, but I promise you He cares and He wants to hear your worries, fears, successes, and prayers about school.

Next I hope that your spouse is a support for you.   My hubby has supported our homeschooling before I was even on board with it.  He is actually the one that got me thinking about homeschooling and he has encouraged me every step of the way.  Hubby has been a sounding board for me, a substitute teacher when I am sick or need a day off, and he has taught concepts in minutes that we have spent days on and my kids were struggling to understand.  He is my go to person and I know with out a doubt that he supports me, our schooling, and he is available to assist whenever we need it.  He also loves to do the science experiments with the kids.

Another place that I hope you can get support from is your family.  Now I have to be real with you here, even at the risk of hurting my family's feelings, but not all of them were on board with our decision to homeschool our children in the beginning years.  If they were being honest (which they are) they would tell you the same thing.  I think the main reason they weren't on board was because they didn't understand what homeschooling was all about.  It really wasn't as popular when I started as it is now and they just couldn't see how it would work.  I did have some family that supported our journey from the beginning and that gave me the courage to keep going on the hard days.  Fast forward to 7 years later and I believe that all my family is supportive of our homeschool.  Let your family know that you are homeschooling your children and ask them for their support.  Ask them what they might be willing to teach your child - it could be a craft, a skill, or if you are lucky enough to see your family every day they could teach a subject for you. In my experience, the more I get my family involved, the more supportive they are.

Friends, especially friends that also homeschool are great sources of support.  They will help you keep your sanity, give you ideas, and many times sympathize with your journey.  Our church has been a fantastic fountain of support for us.  There are many members of our church that have kids that have been homeschool graduates and they are SO encouraging.  Our pastor's wife has also researched and offered up many of the church resources for our homeschool families.  The biggest way our church has showed support is by supporting our homeschool group that meets there.  It started out as a gym time group, but morphed into a group that taught more when a local private school had to shut down.  Today our church homeschool group has 40+ kids in and grows all the time.  Another resource for support is your library, specifically the children's librarian.  Ask her about books, library programs, and maybe even about putting you in contact with other homeschool families.  

Finally don't forget to check the Schoolhouse Review Crew for support.  It is made up of homeschool families from around the world at every different grade level.  I have only been a part of this crew for just a little while, but I can't tell you how much support, encouragement, and wisdom I have gotten from the crew.  You can find the website for the Review Crew by clicking here.  We are also on many social media platforms that you can follow us on from the website.

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  1. Support is so important. If you find that you don't initially have support from family and friends, they may come around as they watch how you work with your children. Still, find a good homeschool group. Excellent advice!

    1. That is exactly what happened with my extended family. Thanks!

  2. My husband is my biggest supporter! My mom and dad and my mother in law are also very supportive. Sadly, I don't know anyone who homeschool in real life, just blog friends. It makes things hard sometimes.

    1. When I first started out I didn't really know anyone in real life that homeschooled either, but once we found a good church we found other families that homeschool there.


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