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Logic of English - Essentials 2nd Edition Review

Spelling, Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary, it seems these are subjects that is either loved or hated without a lot of middle ground.  I personally love words and spelling, but I know it isn't the case for everyone and so does Logic of English which is why they have developed their Essentials 2nd Edition curriculum.  We have recently received Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English to review and I am very impressed with their curriculum and the results my daughter has been getting.

Logic of English Review

Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English is a complete multi-level reading, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary curriculum.  This curriculum is recommended for grades 2 through 5 because of its multiple levels - there is a Level A, Level B, and Level C included in each lesson for the appropriate grades.  The complete Essentials 2nd Edition arrived packed full of everything we needed to begin work.  It included a teacher's guide, a student workbook, spelling journal, morpheme cards, basic and advanced phonogram flash cards, spelling rule flash cards, grammar flash cards, phonogram game cards, game tiles, a spelling analysis card and a quick reference chart.  The workbooks come in both manuscript and cursive formats.

Look at everything that comes in the Essentials 2nd Edition!  It is packed full!
We were very excited to receive the Essentials 2nd Edition to review.  I chose the workbook in the cursive format for my daughter because she learned to write in cursive this year.  I was not at all familiar with this curriculum when it arrived so I opened up my teacher's guide and started reading.  This guide is truly amazing and it walks you through the curriculum step by step.  It tells you what to do and why you are doing it which is something I truly enjoy because I like to know the theory behind teaching what I am teaching.  I worked my way through the Spelling Analysis, Creating Your Schedule, Teacher Tips, and Assessments sections of the Teacher's Guide.  This sounds like a lot, but it was quick reading once I understood the method of teaching they were presenting.  Up next was the Placement Test.  The Placement Test was very informative to me.  My daughter can read and write well, but she tends to struggle with some spelling and grammar.  There are a few sounds and vowels that she mixes up and she tends to rush through some of her reading and mispronounce words.  So I was very curious to see how she would do on the Placement Test.  It tested her Phonics Awareness, Phonemic Awareness, sounds of the letters, handwriting, writing the letters when you hear the sounds, reading, reading words, and spelling.  The Placement Test results told me whether I should start with the Pre-Lessons in the book or jump right in at lesson one of the book.  My daughter did well on the Placement Test and we could have just started with lesson one, but because we have never worked with Essentials 2nd Edition I chose to work through some of the Pre-Lessons.  I chose to do this so that we could get a clear idea of how the lessons would go before jumping into the regular lessons.  A little extra practice never hurt anyone in my opinion.

My second grade daughter and I worked through several Pre-Lessons so that we got the hang of working with the phonograms and the Phonogram Flash Cards.  These lessons also helped us practice our blending techniques, phonemic awareness, and our segmenting among other techniques.  After several days of the Pre-Lessons, we moved on to Lesson 1.  The lessons are broken down into manageable parts and designed for a 5 day week which works for us because that is what we use.  I think you could also easily convert it to a four day week and be just fine.  As we worked through each day's lessons my daughter quickly caught on to the lessons as was able to get through them without any difficulty.  She understood the grammar and spelling rules presented and she was able to remember them from day to day.  They stuck in her head and I noticed that she was using them in her other school work.  After we completed the first lesson, she couldn't wait to see what she would learn in lesson 2.  We have continued working in the Essentials 2nd Edition and she is doing really well with it.  We are a few lesson in now and I can really tell a difference in her spelling and grammar work.  I see the difference in her other language arts work that she does.  I have heard her repeating the rules she learned from Logic of English in her daily language arts work from our regular curriculum.  I have also seen her writing improve and I look forward to what else she will learn as we continue to move through this curriculum.

The Placement Test and my daughter hard at work on a lesson.  
Our overall opinion about Essentials 2nd Edition from Logic of English is that it is an excellent, well thought out curriculum for spelling, grammar, reading, and vocabulary.  We did not use their readers for this review, but by learning the grammar and spelling rules as well as learning the phonograms and phonemic awareness presented in this curriculum, I have seen an improvement in my daughter's reading.  She is able to sound out words more quickly and efficiently.  She has also improved her spelling and she hasn't been struggling as much with her grammar work.  Like I stated in the previous paragraph, I hear her repeating the spelling and grammar rules as she is working on other subjects that involve writing.  She has not been asking me to spell so many words lately because she has been using phonograms to sound them out herself.  So we definitely plan to continue using this curriculum so that she continues learning the rules and improving in all these subjects.  This curriculum does take more one on one work than her normal spelling book, but she is learning way more than just spelling with it so it is definitely worth the extra minutes it takes.

I highly encourage you to go and check out Logic of English and the curriculum they offer, especially the Essentials 2nd Edition.  It has been a blessing to us and it is definitely worth the cost of the curriculum as you can use it with multiple students for multiple levels.  I did not have my 7th grade son working on this material at all, but I do know that he was listening as I worked with his sister.  I heard him repeating one of the spelling rules the other day as he was making words plural for a paper.

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  1. Great review! Your daughter is so cute. I also loved how the Teachers Guide talks you through everything! It does help you teach so much more effectively when you know why you are teaching the way you are.

  2. I think I will try to work my lad into using this program more completely...He's so off-put by the amount of work in it.. but seeing your daughter's success makes me want to push him a bit harder. :)

    1. It took a few lessons for both of us to get the "rhythm" of it, but that is why I did the pre-lessons so we could get a good feel for it. Then we jumped into the lessons.


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