Sunday, March 27, 2016

So It Begins...Part 4

We are still in the process of remodeling our kitchen.  It has been a much bigger project than we ever thought that it would be, but much of that is because we made the really, really good decision to go with custom base cabinets.  It has taken longer because we decided on custom base cabinets, but we are SO, SO, SO happy we did.  This has allowed me to design my kitchen around what works best for me.  It is truly designed to be my dream kitchen.  You can read about what we have done so far in these posts:  Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.  This past week much of the work has been focused on finishing things and getting the island in and customized.  Can I tell you how much I love my new kitchen island?  Oh my, it is AWESOME!!!!  Our old kitchen island had 2 levels and I never realized how much space that wasted.  My new island is just one level and H-U-G-E.  My hubby and the contractor asked me more than once - are you sure you want an island that big - and my answer was always yes, the bigger the better.  I got to try it out yesterday as we hosted Easter dinner for 28 people and we had more than enough counter space.  It was great.  Anyway, the island will be awesome for my baking addiction, canning in the fall, and parties/events we host.  In the old kitchen we were forever running out of room, but I think we may have finally solved that problem.  My island will house my pots and pans in 2 drawers, pizza pans in another drawer, and I also have 2 shelves that pull out for canned goods.  My island has room for 4 seats and it also has my customized, special drawer.  What goes in my customized, special drawer you ask?  This drawer was built specifically for my cake decorating supplies.  They will no longer be kept in several tiny bins in several spots, but all my cake decorating supplies will now have a home in my special request, completely customized drawer - can you tell I am totally geeked about this drawer?  I also got some other special features in my other base cabinets around the wall.  I got pull out bins for potatoes and onions, pullout drawers for my utensils (in the pictures this week this drawer may not make sense at all, but when it gets finished it will), a slide out drawer for the trash can, and a lazy susan.  The header is completely finished and the counter tops came in and were installed.  They are awesome!  One other little feature I forgot to mention on the island, is our really cool pop up electrical and USB plug.  It is cool!  So now for the pictures...
Week 1: The before picture
Week 2: The floor was in and base cabinets started
Week 3:  Cabinet work, sink is in, and kitchen is painted.
The finished header area.
The base wall cabinets
Base wall cabinets - see my potato and onion bins
This end cabinet will be where the trash can is hidden.
This will be where my utensils are when it is completely done.
The New Island!!!
The 2 bottom drawers are for pots and pans.  The top drawer is my cake decorator drawer.
Pizza pan drawer
Shelves for canned goods
A top view of the island
It is HUGE!!!  :)
Here is our pop up plug with USB ports
I already got to make a cake using my island, I spread out while making it and still had tons of room.
We still need doors and a few other little things, but my new kitchen is awesome and I love it!!!  What do you think so far?


  1. Drooling over all your drawers and pullouts. Our kitchen is nice and big and we are blessed with an 8 foot island but I so wish for pull out drawers. Well maybe after everything else gets done we can look into that. Looks lovely!


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