Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I'm Getting Antsy...

The countdown is on and I couldn't be more excited!  We have only 20 days of school left for this year and then we will be on summer break.  SUMMER BREAK!!!  I am totally geeked.  I love the routine of doing our school, learning something every day, and teaching, but I am also looking forward to reading for fun, lazy mornings, picking blueberries, baking, crafting, and playing in the sunshine.  I have been putting together a mental list of things we will work on this summer, but I thought I would get it down here on my blog so that you guys can check in on me and make sure I am getting fun stuff done this summer.  Don't worry you will still see many educational things on my blog this summer as we still have reviews to work on and I am sure there will be a curriculum post or two coming as it is a natural part of the homeschooling process, but I am hoping to post about crafts, recipes, baking, and reading this summer too.  I plan to actually try many of the things I pin on Pinterest and spend some serious time hanging out with the kiddos hopefully in the warmth and sunshine (last summer was not so warm or sunny here).

I am getting pretty antsy to start working on projects, but I know we have to finish school first and I have to get the grades in the computer.  I try not to let myself dive into any big summer projects until I have everything wrapped up for the year.  It's like a reward for me.  :)  Here is my summer to do list so far:
  • Finish cross stitch of wolves for my son
  • Transform an old dresser into a desk with storage
  • Start remodeling our master bedroom
  • Scrapbook 50 layouts
  • Bake 15 new cupcakes from my Pinterest board
  • De-clutter my office/scraproom
  • Teach my daughter to sew
  • Sew my own skirt
  • Sew a dress for my daughter
  • Go blueberry picking more than once
  • Make blueberry desserts
  • Cut out and hang the Bible verse in our living room
  • Finish hanging decorations in my kitchen
  • Make decorative fence for our strawberry patch
  • Make 15 crafts off of Pinterest
  • Read 10 books for fun
This list is just the beginning of my summer plans.  I am sure I will be adding to it and updating you on projects as we go through the summer, once we get there of course.  For now I will just keep focusing on finishing up school and let the list of things I want to work on this summer grow.  What are your summer plans?

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