Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Essential Skills Advantage Review

Have you ever wanted a supplemental curriculum that is fun, online, arranged into easy to mange segments, and one that gives you the ability to change subjects or grades at the click of a mouse?  That is exactly what we found when we received an online subscription for one year to the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage to review.  Essential Skills Advantage offers a curriculum that is fun and filled with engaging learning activities.
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What is Essential Skills Advantage?
Essential Skills Advantage was created by educators as an online program that minimizes distractions while allowing children to focus on the skill they are working on.  It features thousands of skill-building activities that support visual, auditory, and tactile learning styles for grades K-6.  The courses they offer allow children to work on their own and at their own pace.  Their course options include the Complete Home Learning Suite, the Premium Spelling, Language, Grammar and Creative Writing Suite, Complete Math K-6, Science: Comprehensive K-3 and Geography Comprehensive: 4-6.  They offer several different pricing options on their website depending on which course option you choose.  Another great advantage of ESA's programs is the built in progress tracking and marks management.  You can quickly and easily see what your child has been working on and how they are doing in the dashboard area of this program.  They also have printable certificates and report cards that can show your child areas they need to work on, areas they have succeeded in, and it gives them something tangible to show their progress.
Subjects offered in the Complete Home Learning Suite
This is at the top of the screen where you or your student can easily change subjects, grade levels, or programs.
How did we use it?
We received the Complete Home Learning Suite to review.  I thought that Little Miss would really like using this program and she did.  I figured that the Learning Suite would be a great way to review what she has learned this year and that she would also find some areas of information that our curriculum did not cover so this Suite would supplement our curriculum.  I put Little Miss in the second grade level and then let her choose what she would work on.  Her options were Reading, Language & Grammar, Math, or Science.  Throughout the review period, she worked in each of the areas.  Once she picked a subject to work in there were several different topics she could work on and I allowed her to pick and choose what she wanted to work on.  She did a great job of picking a wide range of topics in each subject to work on so that she completed a little bit of everything.
Topics offered in Reading
This is the spelling area Little Miss loved.
What did we think?
We really enjoyed the Complete Home Learning Suite from Essential Skills Advantage.  Little Miss didn't mind doing the work because she could easily sit down and work on several lessons in only 30 minutes.  She liked earning the stars for completing tasks and she really liked seeing the little green bar under the tasks fill up as she completed the skill she was working on.  Little Miss enjoyed being able to change subjects and tasks easily just by clicking.  It is a VERY user friendly site.  She did a great job of asking me if she could switch around if she got too board with one task.  She especially enjoyed the spelling, math, and science areas as these are her favorite subjects in school too.  The only thing that she really didn't like was that she couldn't work on Geography as it is only for grades 4-6 and this is a subject she really wants to start working on.  I will say that I could have changed her grade level for her to work on it, but I just wanted her to focus on Grade 2 stuff for the review.  I really appreciated that the site is VERY user friendly and it was easy to get Little Miss all set up and ready to go.  I also liked that she could work independently.  Most day she spent about 30 minutes using the site, but there were a few days she was really not feeling good so she only spent a few minutes on it.  I feel like we barely scratched the surface of this program even though we were using it very consistently.  I think this is really a good thing because that means there is a lot to this supplemental curriculum and it is worth the money.  I definitely will continue to use this Learning Suite from ESA for Little Miss.  I will have her continue reviewing some second grade concepts and then start working on third grade material to get a little ahead for school.  I will even let her try the Geography.
Math topics
More math
Little Miss really enjoyed the Life Science
Parents can quickly check how your child is doing
This is an example of the report card I can print for Little Miss.  Once she completes all of Life Science I will print it.
Where to find out more:
You can find out more information about Essential Skills Advantage  and the courses they offer on their website.  You can find out more about the Complete Home Learning Suite that we received to review here.  You can also find ESA on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and on their blog.

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Essential Skills Advantage Review


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