Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Faves - 5 Features of Our New Kitchen

Earlier this year we remodeled our kitchen.  I did a whole series of posts and I know many of you have been waiting for the "Big Reveal."  I am too.  The only thing we have left to do is make the doors for our bottom cabinets.  We could not find anywhere to buy the doors we need that we could afford because our bottom cabinet doors ended up being custom size.  If we bought the doors, we would have to spend a fortune.  So my hubby is planning to build them.  I am okay that they haven't been built yet because we have been busy and we needed to get other things done like get the garden planted.  Hubby should be working on the doors in the next couple of weeks and as soon as he gets them done, I definitely will share the "Big Reveal."  You can find out what my kitchen looked like before by clicking here, after the floor was in here, my post when it was about halfway done here, and the almost finished post here.  Now that you have caught up with the whole project, I wanted to share five of my favorite kitchen features with you.  I am not sharing to brag or boast, I am just sharing because I was able to put in some pretty cool custom features to our kitchen that I really do love.  I figure if this amateur baker and cook loves these features, you might too and if you ever get to remodel your kitchen they might give you some inspiration.  Without further ado, here they are...

  1. A Farmhouse Sink - I LOVE my new sink.  I can fit my pans in flat on the bottom and I don't have to angle them in the sink anymore.  A pizza pan fits in perfectly and I have plenty of room to wash dishes, veggies, and fruit.
    A Glimpse of Normal, Kitchen Remodel, Kitchen Features
    Please excuse the dirty sink...dishes were in progress.
  2. The Island Hidden Outlet - This pop up outlet is a pretty cool feature.  If we need to plug in something on the island we just press the button and pop the outlet up.  Nothing to plug in, no problem, press the button and the outlet goes down to be hidden.  It also has USB ports so we know exactly where all our devices are charging.
    Another bonus of this outlet, we put our charging cords in the blue jar behind the outlet so we don't lose those either.
  3. Pull Out Shelves - Our old cabinet where we had our canned goods was a very deep shelf.  My kids would have to climb half way in to get the cans in the back.  This was frustrating because like all shelves stuff got shoved to the back.  So when I got to decide on the new cabinet how the shelf would be, I knew I wanted the shelves to pull out so that I could always see what was on the back of the shelf.  This is a great feature when I am making grocery lists because I can quickly pull our the shelf and see what we have and what we need.
    Pull out shelves before I added in our canned goods.
  4. Onion and Potato Bins - I also specifically asked for these bins.  Before we remodeled we never really had a great place to keep our onions and potatoes.  We tried to keep them in a nice, dry, dark place, but then they would get forgotten and go bad.  We kept them in the basement, but then when you are cooking it is not convenient to be running up and down the stairs a bunch of times.  So when I started planning, I planned for these bins.  They were one of the few items I knew I had to have.  These are perfect because I can quickly wipe our the plastic bins to clean them and I can quickly check to see what we have.  Also every one knows where to look for the onions and potatoes and they are getting used instead of going bad.
    Onion and Potato Bins
  5. Cake Decorating Drawer - One of my favorite things to do is baking and cake decorating.  Cake decorating is something I started when Buddy turned one and I wanted to make his birthday cake.  Over the years I have made a lot of cakes and as any cake decorator will tell you, you accumulate a lot of little tools and icing colors.  I've stored them over the refrigerator, but that is not really convenient.  I stored part of them in what I call my "baking cabinet" and a couple of other places.  Basically it was inconvenient because I would have to search 3-4 places to find all the things I needed.  So when our contractor asked if there was anything else I really wanted I said YES!  I need a cake decorating drawer.  It is big enough to sit most of my icing colors the right way so they don't leak (I do have a few tall colors), but it isn't so big that it takes away from my Pots and Pans drawers.  It fits my cake spatulas, frosting tips, most of my measuring cups, and measuring spoons.  I can quickly find just what I need when I get the urge to bake and decorate.
    This my cake decorating drawer.

 There you have it.  These are five features of my new kitchen that I love.  If you got to design your own kitchen what would you include?

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