Monday, July 11, 2016

Art Achieve Entire Level III Review

I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler, but my kids do love drawing, especially Buddy.  Since art is a subject that I really feel I cannot teach, I was very excited to receive the Entire Level III bundle of art lessons from ArtAchieve to review with Buddy.  His love of art is growing and he was excited to try learning new methods and techniques with ArtAchieve.
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ArtAchieve believes that anyone can learn to draw and that it is an essential skill.  Their goal is to provide parents and students an approach to drawing that allows creativity while insuring successful drawing.  They believe there are many benefits to other areas of learning when your student learns to draw using their methods.  ArtAchieve uses images for their lessons from around the world and they show you how to tie these images to other subjects like geography, history, and literature so you can teach your students more about the subjects they are drawing.  Their lessons include a supply list, a warm-up, the art lesson - many are in both PowerPoint and video format so you can do the one that works best for your student,, and a printout of the finished drawing for assessment.
The art lessons available in the Entire Level III bundle that we received include:
  • The Hawaiian Frog
  • The African Crowned Crane
  • The Chinese Horse: Drawing the Horse's Head
  • The Face From The Gambia
  • The Pacific Northwest Totem Pole
  • The Eastern European Firebird
  • The Wood Carving from Kenya
  • Kandinsky and Color Mixing
  • The Nine-Banded Armadillo
  • The Russian Matryoshka
  • The Canada Goose
  • DaVinci's Clock
 Buddy choose to work on the The Hawaiian Frog first.  I printed off the warm-up and then set him up to watch the video for the lesson.  He watched the introduction, did the warm-up stretching exercises, and then paused it to get his supplies.  Then he continued watching the video to get the instructions of how to draw his frog.  Buddy found the video easy to follow and the directions were easy for him to understand.  Before I knew it he was showing me his finished drawing.  He has not colored it in yet as I have ordered the oil pastels for him.  (I was sure we had this item on hand, but cannot find them anywhere and I thought I ordered them a few weeks ago, but I must have spaced ordering them).  He was very pleased with how easy it was to draw the frog and he can't wait to color it using the pastels.  The next lesson Buddy tried was The Chinese Horse.  He chose to try the PowerPoint version of this lesson.  He really enjoyed learning a little bit of the history that the instructor shared and he chatted with me about some of the books we had read in school that featured Chinese horses.  I was excited to hear him do this because he did it on his own without me have to say..."remember."  Buddy ended up drawing his horse twice because the first time he was impatient and tried to draw ahead of the lesson.  He ended up with a horse with the wrong proportions so he tried it again, slowing down and not getting ahead of the lesson and ended up with a drawing with good proportions that looked like the instructors finished product.  Buddy also worked through The Pacific Northwest Totem Pole and he has watched the videos of a couple of the other lessons because he is trying to decide which one he wants to work on next.  The lessons take him anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour just depending on how fast or slow he is working.  He is truly enjoying each and every art lesson.  
The accompanying resources to dig deeper
Supplies you need for Level III
Buddy has told me he plans to complete each lesson and then go back and work through them again.  I am thrilled that he is enjoying himself and I don't have to beg him to work on his lessons at all or try to teach him a subject that I am not skilled at.  I feel the lessons are completely and I like the ability to expand on these lessons by using the suggested accompanying resources.  I really appreciate that ArtAchieve has done the work of figuring out the accompanying resources and how you can use them.  That is a huge benefit of these lessons to me.  I also appreciate that this website uses common art supplies for the lessons so you don't have to purchase expensive materials that you may not use again. We definitely recommend ArtAchieve and will be checking out the other lessons they have available.  You can purchase individual lessons or lesson bundles like we received.  ArtAchieve offers lessons for levels I-V at very reasonable prices.  You find them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and Instagram.  You can check out the Entire Level III bundle we received here.  Please go and check them out if you or your child has any interest in learning how to draw.  Our Schoolhouse Review Crew is reviewing three of the levels of art from ArtAchieve so please check out what they have been learning by clicking the banner below.
Art Lessons for Children ArtAchieve Review

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