Friday, July 8, 2016

Bridal Shower Banner Tutorial

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Last week I had the opportunity to write a guest post over at FINCHNWREN and I shared a tutorial of Circle Streamers I made for a Bridal Shower I recently helped host at my church.  I promised in that post that I would share the other craft I made for that Bridal Shower here so that is what I am sharing with you all this week.  I was one of four ladies helping at a bridal shower at church and we split up the tasks to get ready for it.  I made cupcakes for the shower and helped with a couple of decorations.  This banner that I am going to show you is so easy and quick to put together that I think it took me more time to shop for the supplies and get the letters cut than it did to put it together.  Anyway, my friend sent me the idea for the banner off of Pinterest and I knew it would fit the shower for this young lady perfectly.  Read on for the instructions:

Wedding Shower Banner
Supplies Needed:
Scrapbooking paper to cut letters from or Precut Diecut Letters
Cricut Personal Cutting System (if you have one or can borrow one, if not buy precut letters)
Cricut Font Cartridge (I used the one called Type Candy Font)
Tape Runner Adhesive
2 packages of Pre-Cut Pennant Banners (I purchased mine at my local Michael's Craft Store)
Foam Paint Brush

What to Do:
1.  I started by cutting my letters for my banner.  The banner says "From Miss to Mrs." with 2 hearts in the banner too.  I made my letters 4.5" big and the hearts were about the same size.
2.  Once all my letters were cut, I used my tape runner to attach them to the middle of the pennant piece.
If you look close you can see the tape runner adhesive on the back of the "F"

*IF you want to make sure the letters stick permanently, at this point you would use the foam paint brush a light layer of ModPodge over each pennant.  Originally I was going to do this step, but opted not to so the letters could be removed and replaced with different color letters to use the banner again at future bridal showers.

3.  Once all the letters and hearts were attached, I laid them out and threaded the twine through the holes on the top of the pennants.  Make sure you leave a couple of feet of twine at the beginning so you have plenty of twine for tying up the banner.

4.  Cut the twine from the twine ball and you are finished.

Finished banner.
Super simple right?  But it turned out so cute and the young bride to be loved it.  I don't always make simple crafts, but sometimes simple is just better.  What do you think?

P.S.    Please hop over to FINCHNWREN and check out my guest post, tell them I sent you.  These two sisters have a wonderful blog and I really, really appreciated the opportunity to guest post for them.

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