Friday, July 22, 2016

Flashback Friday to a Room Makeover

Happy Friday!  We made it and we should celebrate!  Today I am sharing a flashback with you.  I am sharing the makeover we did on Little Miss' bedroom.  We repainted, changed the floor, made the closet opening bigger, and made the room fit for a princess.  I will give you fair warning her room is like really, really pink...bubblegum pink.  I happened to be at our local home improvement store one day and was looking through their clearance paint area and found this shade of pink.  I got the whole gallon for $5 because it was a color someone returned.  It would not be my first choice for a color for a bedroom, but when you are a little girl you love it.   Little Miss loves her very pink princess room.  So without further ado here are the pictures...
This is a before shot. The last time her room was decorated was when I was pregnant.   Her room was a neutral color because we didn't know she would be a girl before she was born.
The closet runs the length of this wall, but the opening was a normal door size.  Waste of space because we couldn't get to the ends of the closet very well.
Oh how I loved these jungle babies.  I cried when I took them down.

Last before shot

WARNING:  Pink, very pink pictures ahead!!!  :)

During - we replaced the carpet with peel and stick laminate tile to reduce allergies and it looked like a stone floor of a castle.
Goofy Little Miss!  She was so small in this picture from a few years ago.
New closet opening, we can actually reach the ends now.

After pics - The dresser got a makeover too so that it matches the room.  We painted the trim and the dresser white to accent the bubblegum pink.
I found cute princess accent pieces on clearance at Hobby Lobby.

My aunt lovingly sewed the curtains for the room and we found the perfect Tinkerbell fabric for sashes.
Finished (messy) closet with curtains we can close to hide the contents.

Stick on sayings and fairies for the princess room.
The only thing the remains of the old room is the cross stitch over the door that I did for Little Miss when she was a baby.

Excuse the messy room, but here is the castle floor complete with heart rugs.
So there you have it, a Princess Room for Little Miss.  She loves it and it is fun to go in there and hang out with her and feel like a princess.  

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