Friday, July 1, 2016

Patriotic Wreath Tutorial

Patriotic Wreath Tutorial, A Glimpse of Normal Blog

One of my goals this summer was to make more of the crafts, projects, and recipes that I have saved on Pinterest.  We have been pretty busy so far this summer, but crafting is therapy for me and I was excited to find some time this week to create a craft.  I originally saw this wreath floating through my personal Facebook page a couple of months ago, but I knew I could easily find it on Pinterest too.  Here is the link to the pin I used to create my wreath.  I have been wanting a Patriotic wreath for awhile now and when I saw this one it looked like it would be easy and cheap to find the supplies to create it.  I found my wreath form at my local Dollar Tree store.  They don't always carry wreath forms, so if your dollar store doesn't have them you can get them from a craft store or order them online.  I also looked for the bandannas at local stores, but couldn't find a great price on them so I ordered mine in packs of 6 from Amazon.  I also ordered my star brads from Amazon.  I couldn't find any white star buttons I liked that were cheap enough so I ordered the brads and painted them.  I got all the supplies for my wreath for under $25 and I still have some stars and a couple pieces of bandannna left over.  Here are the instructions for my Patriotic Wreath that took me about 45 minutes to create:

Supplies Needed:
1 Metal Wreath Form
6 Red Bandannas
6 White Bandannas
6 Blue Bandannas
Star-shaped Brads (you could use star buttons too)
White Paint
Foam Paint Brush
Hot Glue
Hot Glue Gun

1.  If your star brads (or buttons) are not white, paint them white with the white paint.

2.  While the stars are drying, Cut all of your bandannas in half.

3.  Once all of your bandannas are cut in half, you are ready to start tying them to the wreath form.  I simply folded the bandanna piece in half and used a slip knot.  I started with a piece of red bandanna and then alternated between white and red pieces until it looked really full (I used 23 pieces of red and white bandanna).
This is the slip knot I used to tie on the pieces.  These knots are upside down so you could see what I did.
The knots are the right way on this picture and you can see where I left the gap for the blue pieces.
4.  Once I had all the red and white pieces tied on, I tied on the blue bandanna pieces in the hole I left for them.

5.  Once all the bandanna pieces are on, use the hot glue gun to randomly glue stars on the blue bandanna pieces.  I did not do 50 stars, you could if you wanted to.  
6.  Hang your wreath and enjoy!

Let me know if you make your own Patriotic Wreath, I would love to see it!  


  1. this is really cool and you did a great job on it!

    1. Thanks! I've been wanting a 4th of July wreath for awhile now.

  2. That's a great project! Reminds me that I have an unfinished patriotic wreath still in a closet somewhere though. LOL

    We'd love to have this linked up at the Virtual Refrigerator, by the way!

  3. hey.. I could do a Canada wreath like that! :) thanks for the idea. Pinning for future reference.

    1. I would love to see how the Canada wreath turned out.


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