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State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State - A Laurelwood Books Review

Geography is Buddy's favorite subject, but one that we have not spent a lot of time on this past school year.  So you can imagine how he was very excited to receive a copy of State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State from Laurelwood Books to review.  This study guide is designed for ages 8 and up or about 4th grade through 6th grade, but it can definitely be used for higher grades as it is open-ended and you can adjust it to the higher grades by having your students dig a little deeper.
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State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State is a consumable book created by Mary Ellen Tedrow.  She created this study guide after serving the homeschool community for many years and noticing that there was very little available to help parents with the task of studying state history.  This study guide is designed so that your student can study any of the 50 states.  It features a wide variety of topics to research about your state and I personally feel like the difficulty level can be adjusted for your student.
This guide starts with a "How to Use This Book" section that tells you that your student can complete this book in any order they like.  This was very excited for Buddy because he doesn't always like to start with page 1.  They do suggest completing the "Addresses & Phone Numbers" page first as it includes names and numbers of some people you could contact to help you like your local librarian.  This page also includes finding out the addresses and phone numbers for our President, your Senator, Congressmen (or women), and then people on the state level.  The guide then follows these pages with conversation scripts for calling these places so your student knows what and who to ask for.  I thought this was a great idea as it teaches them to find the information themselves.  The study guide includes many topics for your student to work through as they learn more about their own state (or the state you choose to work on).  These topics include:
  • Statehood
  • U.S. Flag & State Flag
  • Men and Women of This State
  • Reading About This State
  • Contributions to the US
  • In Days Gone By
  • Then & Now
  • Jun for Fun - Facts About the Area You Live In
  • Plan a Trip
  • Things to Look For
  • Nature Walk
  • State Fact Pages
  • Research
  • Weather
  • Weather Journal
  • Travel
  • Taxes
  • Natural Resources
  • Physical Features
  • Final Thoughts & Further Study
  • Suggestions for Field Trips
  • Here is Our United States
The study guide also contains resources for use with this guide and studying more.  These include Suggestions for Field Trips, a list of Presidents of the United States, Maps, and a Creative Map Page.
I hope you appreciate Buddy's humor with his "feets" mode of transportation.  Silly boy :)
Buddy chose to work on random pages throughout this consumable study guide.  He worked on a page about what the U.S. Flag looked like when Indiana became a state, a page for our State Flag, a page on Travel in our state, and he did parts of other pages through out the book as he found information while he was researching about our flag and statehood.  So we have many partial pages done too.  He really enjoyed working through this study guide and asked to continue working on it for school which we will start at the beginning of next month.  He said he liked being asked to research the information and felt like the topics were easy enough he knew exactly what to search for, but he could plenty of information to read through on the topics so he could answer the questions.  Like I stated before, even though this guide is aimed for 4th-6th grade, I feel you can easily adapt it for older students.  Buddy is going into 8th grade so I just had him dig a little deeper when researching.  I told him I expected complete sentences, if not paragraphs, and not just the basics.  He knew I was double checking what he was researching and I asked him questions about it on top of what the book asked just to make sure he was reading the information all the way through.  I think this guide is a very thorough guide and it is complete just the way it is written but I wanted to make sure Buddy was reading for comprehension.  He was able to tell some of the facts he learned to his dad without having to grab the guide so it must be sticking.  We will definitely finish this guide during the school year as part of our studies.  I will definitely be getting another one next year for Little Miss when she is ready to study our state.  
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Laurelwood Books is a great resource for homeschoolers.  They have been homeschooling for 25 years and they are here to help with your curriculum needs.  They offer a wide variety of curriculum at reasonable prices.  You can find them on their website and on Facebook.  You can find the State the Facts: A Guide to Studying Your State book that we received by clicking here.  Once you are at the site be sure to look at their wide selection of products.

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Also be sure to check out the reviews of my friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew by clicking the banner below as Laurelwood Books was very generous and let us review a wide range of products for them.  I will be checking out the reviews as there are several of the products reviewed that I am considering for our school.
Latin and Penmanship {Laurelwood Books  Review}

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