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CTCMath - A Review of Their Homeschool Membership

I have searched for a math product that would work better for my kids for awhile now.  So I was very excited to be able to review the Homeschool Memebership from CTCMath.  This online math curriculum has courses for students of all ages - from Kindergarten to Trigonometry.
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CTCMath is very user friendly.  Their CTCMath Homeschool Membership has plans available for just one student or a family plan for up to 10 students at very reasonable rates.  Once you get a membership, you get access to all their levels of math that they offer so you can pick the grade or area where your student needs to work.  This comprehensive tutorial program features video lessons that are clearly explained and you can pause them or rewind them at any time during the lesson.  CTCMath offers over 1300 animated and narrated math lessons, a bank of over 57,000 interactive questions, diagnostic tests, instant feedback to students, and regular reporting to parents.  
Tasks I assigned
Each lesson started with a video tutorial of the concept being taught.  Then the instructor showed how to work several examples step by step.  After the student watched the video, they complete questions for the lesson.  There are also short, standard, and comprehensive diagnostic tests for each level for you to use with your student.  I had each of my students take some diagnostic tests for the grade they just completed to see if they needed to go back and review any subjects before working on their current grade level.  CTCMath Homeschool Membership also includes 3 "game-like" areas that your student can work on.  This program includes separate dashboards for students and parents.  In the student dashboard, you can pick your lesson to work on or see the tasks they have to complete.  In the parent dashboard, you can assign tasks (lessons) for each student, check their progress, see what they have been working on, and set up the passing grade that they need to be able to complete each lesson.
Student Dashboard and you can see they have tasks assigned
CTCMath was a hit for my family. My 8th grade son and 3rd grade daughter both enjoyed using the program and were excited about the video tutorials. Both of them completed several lessons, worked on diagnostic tests, played the "games", and earned awards.  My daughter said that the tutorials were given slowly and made it much easier to understand. She found the program to be engaging and challenging. She was extremely frustrated about missing a problem on the review test because it was keeping the tally for her to see. This was a great motivational tool for the girl that would otherwise shrug it off.  My son stated that the tutorials were excellent and were much easier than the textbooks he has used over the years. Even doing some review work from last year, he was able to better understand some of the concepts that he struggled with in 7th grade. As a boy who really doesn't care much for school, he chose to use this program for math because 'at least it will be fun'.  They now prefer this program over textbook learning since the instructions are so much easier to understand. We plan to use this for Math this year for school.
Report I received about the tasks
As for me, I am excited about trying out this program for the school year. I have found that I can struggle to fully teach a concept to each child because they both learn so differently, however when I come across a source that not only tests their abilities but teaches, I get excited. The CTCMath can supplement my teaching and provide teaching from a different style, which makes my kids chance of success in this subject much higher. In my experience, it always helps to employ a variety of learning methods to allow the students the opportunity to fully grasp a concept. (this is the teacher in me!) There have been times where one of the kids just “wasn't getting it” no matter how I tried the concept wouldn't stick, but dad got home and in a few minutes of discussion the light turns on and they not only understand they are able to apply it! I can see this being how CTCMath works for them too.  I enjoyed how user friendly this site is and the separate dashboards for students and parents.  I liked being able to assign tasks for each of my students because then I could just have them log on and they knew what work to complete.  I also appreciated the weekly emails that reported results, the work they completed, and any tasks that were not finished.  CTCMath Homeschool Membership is a great product, well displayed and engaging with the kids and we definitely recommend it.
Award received (I altered the name on the award)
You can find out more about CTCMath on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, or YouTube.  You can find the CTCMath Homeschool Membership we reviewed here.  Please go and check them out and see if this program is a solution for your family.  My friends on the Schoolhouse Review Crew have been reviewing this product too, so check out their reviews by clicking the banner below.
CTCMath Review

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