Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

A couple of years ago we decided to learn to speak Spanish as a family, but we have not always been consistent about working on it and we have found it hard to teach Spanish to our kids and have them remember what they learned.  This is why I was so excited for our family to receive Starter Set 1 of Spanish from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to review.  I thought if my kids heard other kids speaking Spanish, they might remember it better than they do with just adults speaking it.
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Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids was created so that students will succeed in discovering another language and become enthusiastic about it.  Their video series uses a teaching style that was created by Kit Strauss after a decade of development.  Her videos combine immersion in the language with visuals to help students retain what they learn.  The Starter Set 1 that we received includes:
  • A 20 Week Curriculum Guide
  • DVD 1 with 3 different videos
  • 3 Workbooks that go along with each video
  • Sticker Set for Basketballs Aren't for Breakfast
  • Flashcard Set
  • The Game "Go Squish" (this is included in their Starter Set 1 for a Limited time)
As I stated we have been trying to learn Spanish as a family so I was pretty excited to get this product for us to review.  I am the only one in my family that has taken Spanish classes, but that was years ago in high school and college.  I remember a few basics, but not enough to be considered fluent.  Over the years we have tried a few other programs and methods for learning Spanish.  Hubby has picked up some of the language and while the kids have been able to pick up a very limited amount of words, they have a very hard time remembering what they learned until now.
You have to love his sense of humor and where he placed "La Casa."
When our package arrived I read through the curriculum guide for level 1 since I wanted to start at the very beginning.  Once I read through the guide, we sat down to watch the first video, Basketballs Aren't for Breakfast.  This video features kids speaking Spanish so it captured my kids' attention right away.  They saw kids sitting down for breakfast and speaking in Spanish about what they were doing and eating.  The video was funny and entertaining and over before we knew it.  There was also a review section at the end of the video so that you could review all the words taught throughout the video.  It is set up very well and there are many opportunities to learn new words and practice them.
Little Miss went for items she could reach.
Over the next couple of days we watch the video again a few times and began working through the lessons that were outlined in the curriculum guide.  I also reviewed the vocabulary with the kids every couple of day since it is listed for you in the curriculum guide.  We also began working on the activities listed in the curriculum guide for each lesson.  These lessons have been planned out in a way that is extremely easy to follow and you can easily make adjustments to make it easier or harder for each of your students which is what I did since I have 2 different grade levels in my house.  I really appreciated how complete yet flexible the lessons in the curriculum guide are.  As we continued working through the lessons, the kids had a lot of fun using the sticker set and placing them on things and people around the house and they liked working through the workbooks included in the Starter Set.  In fact they were enjoying the workbooks so much I had to stop them from working too far ahead.  We eventually watched Video 2 which is The Little Magic House Part I even though we have not completed all of the work for video 1.  So far we have watched the video 4 or 5 times and we are continuing to watch it as it does introduce a lot more words and they are words that can be confusing such as este/esta, mi/mis, nosotros, and ustedes.  These are words that will take us much longer to get down because it involves knowing the male and female forms, formal and informal, and more in depth items.  I have to tell you that video 2 is also very made and with repeated watching we really are learning the words and how to use them properly.
This was my personal favorite placement of stickers the kids did.  :)
We are truly having fun and learning with our FL4K Starter Set 1 for Spanish.  The videos are very entertaining, yet practical.  My kids don't complain when I say it is time for Spanish, instead they ask what part they get to watch and work on for today.  They had a blast putting the stickers on items around the house and they made me promise not to tell dad so they could see if he would find them all.  They like having the flashcards with the pictures on some and the words on others so they can match the pictures to the words.  They have been having races to see who is faster.  All four of us are recalling the words we are learning and the kids are even using them on their own when asking each other for things.  This is the first program that we have used where the kids are retaining and able to use the Spanish they have learned.  It is also helpful for hubby and I to hear how they pronounce the words in South America and the accents they use.  I also really like the fact that I can use this one program with both my 3rd grader and my 8th grader.  We will definitely continue using the Starter Set 1 to learn our Spanish and when we have it mastered, we will checkout FL4K's other volumes for learning Spanish.

You can find out more information on Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids on their website or on their Facebook page.  You can learn more about the Starter Set 1 we received here.  Right now their Starter Set is on sale so hurry and check it out.  Many of my Schoolhouse Review Crew friends have been trying out this program too so click the banner below to see how they like it.
Beginner Spanish Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Review

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