Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday Fun - Cakes Edition

When Buddy was a baby I decided that I wanted to learn to decorate cakes so that I could decorate his first birthday cake.  My aunt decorates cakes and has for a long time so I asked her if she would teach me.  She jumped at the opportunity and she has continued to help me over the years.  I have never taken a cake decorating class.  Everything I have learned has been from my aunt or the internet.  I am by no means a professional, but I love to play with cake decorating.  Today I am sharing some of the cakes I have made over the years....
Disney Parade Cake Part 1

Disney Parade Cake Part 2

Neighbor's birthday cake

Nephew's birthday cake

Neighbor's birthday cake

Monkey birthday cake (just the top layer)

Dirt Bike birthday cake
Wedding Cake

Birthday Cake

There is the whole monkey cake

Nephew's Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

Campfire Birthday Cake
Barbie Cake

Neighbor's birthday cake
Hope you enjoyed looking through the cakes I have made over the years.  Some are better than others, but I always have fun making them.  Have you ever decorated a cake?


  1. you've done up some lovely cakes. :) YOu DO NOT want to see the cakes that I've done. :REALLY!

    1. If you notice I didn't show all the flops I have made. :) The wedding cake pictured is the 3rd or 4th version because the first few tries didn't turn out. I've practiced for a lot of years.


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