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Help Teaching Pro Subscription (Elementary Focus) - Review of

Sometimes as a homeschool parent it is hard to find just the resource you are looking for to supplement your school.  It seems like when you do a general search you find things you don’t want, sites you have to pay per page for, or sites that have limited free resources, but this is not the case with the Help Teaching Pro Subscription from that we have been reviewing lately. is not only full of worksheets, quizzes, and tests for a multitude of school subjects and grades, but you can even create your own tests, quizzes, and worksheets on their, o online site.  We have found this site, once again, to be a valuable resource for our school.
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Little Miss checking the answers she got right. has worksheets, quizzes, and tests for every grade level, K-12, but this time we focused on the content for elementary grades, specifically for 3rd grade for Little Miss.  Since we already had the opportunity this year to review the content available for older grades (you can read that review here), I really wanted to see what they had available for younger students.  Once you sign up for your subscription you can get your student(s) signed up for their accounts.  You can link their accounts by email so you can send them their scheduled assignments, but don't worry they don't have to have an email to work on the site.  Currently Little Miss does have a safe email account so I was able to try out sending her scheduled assignments.  When I sent her a lesson or test, an email was sent to her email account that contained a link for the lesson or test.  Then she could click on the link to complete whatever I sent her.  After she finished her work, while I was grading, I could log onto my account at HelpTeaching and check out the results.  I remembered from the last review that you can’t just always look at the grade the task report says because sometimes there are parts the teacher has to check to  see if the student put in the right answer (usually only when they had to type in an answer).  So I always made sure to check the “Results by Question” when I was checking out the grade she received on her work. 
Here you can see some of the worksheets and lessons we tried (you will also see a couple I assigned my son)
Some of the Language Arts options for worksheets
Looking around this site I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to use first for Little Miss.  For 3rd grade, they have worksheets, lessons, and quizzes ready to use for several areas of English/Language Arts, Math,  Science, Seasonal and Holidays, and Graphic Organizers.  I also looked in 2nd grade since that is the grade she just completed to see what was offered in that grade for a little review for her.  Anyway, within each subject there are a lot of categories that Little Miss could work on.  I chose to use a few of the English resources for her first.  I chose some worksheets that would be like a review for her because they were concepts we touched on last year and then I chose some that I knew would be a challenge for her because we haven’t learned the concepts that the worksheet is checking yet.  I really just wanted to see what she knew and what she had picked up just from the amount of reading we do.  The worksheets that featured concepts Little Miss knew, she enjoyed working on.  The worksheets that featured new material really challenged her and I found that she really didn’t know the concept.  One particular lesson that she struggled on was writing the date.  We briefly covered this last year, but she didn’t remember any of it which was clearly evident in her answers.  So now I have added that concept to my list of things to teach her.  I also had her work on some “Informational Stories and Texts” worksheets.  These lessons had her read a story and then answer questions based on the story.  I like having her complete these because they help her pick out the details when reading which is something I have really been working on with her.  She likes completing these because they are much shorter than her daily reading and she is usually pretty good at picking out the important details.  She also worked on some of the spelling lessons on the site.  She is a girl after my own heart and thought the spelling lessons were really fun.  I asked her why she thought they were fun and she said, “Spelling is just fun!”    I also had her try a 3rd grade Grammar review.  I knew there was a lot on this review that she wouldn’t know about because we had not covered all the grammar covered in this review yet, but I wanted her to try it just to get an idea of where she is at with grammar.  We haven’t focused a lot on grammar in the past, but are focusing more on it this year.  She didn’t do too bad, but she was really frustrated that she didn’t know the material yet even though we haven’t covered it yet.  I have had her work on a couple of math worksheets and she has asked if she can work on some of the holiday stuff on an upcoming trip.  Once again I feel like there are so many resources that even though we have been using worksheets from the Pro Plan regularly, we have barely scratched the surface of the elementary levels in the review time period.  I guess that isn’t a bad thing because we were given a year long subscription so I can continue using this site and work our way through all of their great resources.
There are a lot of Seasonal Lessons that are available for use
Overall I continue to be very impressed with the selection of quizzes, tests, worksheets, and lessons included with the Pro Plan from  I still feel like they are a good supplement to any curriculum, but they would probably not work as the entire curriculum for the elementary grades unless you were creating a LOT of your own content. My daughter also liked using the site and has asked to do many more of the worksheets and lessons on this site.  She likes having her assignment emailed to her and then when it is her turn to use the computer she can get from her email to the assignment.  She also enjoyed the times I printed off the worksheets for her.  The Pro Plan subscription includes unlimited access to their online Test Maker to create custom tests and worksheets, unlimited access to their online tests and worksheets, the ability to make and save your own tests and worksheets on their site, pre-made premium content, and more for a very reasonable price of $24.95 per year which I think is worth the money.
This is where I would go back in and check to make sure Little Miss' answers were right for the ones I had to grade.
You can connect with on their website, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.  You can find out more about the Help Teaching Pro Subscription here.  Please go and check out all they have to offer.  You can also check out what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew think about this product by clicking the banner below. 
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