Thursday, September 22, 2016 Annual Subscription Review

As my kids get older I want to introduce them to the Internet, but I also want the ability to control what they access and see to help keep them safe in a world where inappropriate things are always lurking around the corner .  This is why I was very excited to receive an Annual Subscription from to review.  I felt like this was a good way to introduce both of my kids to email, but in a safe setting where I have control of what they view. Annual Subscription, Kids email, email for kids is an online site designed specifically to be a safe email service for kids and families.  Their site allows children to have their own email while giving parents the ability to set the controls on the account and know exactly what messages are coming into and going out of your child’s email.   This product is designed to protect your kids while giving them freedom.  Kids Email has the following features and settings:
  • Mail Monitoring
  • Time Restriction
  • The Mail Queue 
  • Block Senders 
  • Contact Manager 
  • Custom Mailbox Folders
  • No Ads
  • GPS Tracker
  • Removing Links and Images 
  • Controlling Attachment Types
  • Offensive Word Filters
  • Spam Filtering 
  • Template Options
  • Activity Log
All of these features made me very excited to try this product with Buddy and Little Miss.  I thought that they would have fun having the ability to email family and friends, but this would be a safe way to teach them the responsibility of emailing.  The accounts were very easy to set up once I got my parent account set up.  I really, really like that the parent login and dashboard is separate from the child email accounts.  Buddy liked that we got to set him up with a teen email account which still has all the safety features and parental controls, but it has"kmail" address rather than "kidsemail" address.   He also really likes being able to email family and friends when he thinks of things that he wants to tell them.  Little Miss just loved the idea of being able to write to people and get messages back.
These are the backgrounds my kids chose for their inboxes. I did block out their email name.
The first email contact I set up for them was their dad.  When I set it up, I forgot to check the box to say it was okay that they received email from him too.  So I got an email from my hubby very soon after the kids each sent an email that said "Prettycool mail service!"  As I read what it was, it was an email from Kids Email telling him that his email to each of the kids would have to be approved.  My hubby was very excited about this because he thought this was a great safety feature, just like I do.  Now that I have the settings right, both kids can email back and forth with their dad at work and they do this all the time.  As parents we feel like this safety feature is invaluable because we can choose who gets to email our kids.  I have also been using this email program to email school assignments to the kids.  They can click on the assignment links (once I have approved the email from the parent mail queue) and complete the assignment.  Little Miss has also been using her email to be a pen pal with other kids from Homeschool Review crew.  This has been giving her lots of practice writing.  Both kids are continuing to use their email and they really like being able to email others.  Hubby and I really appreciate all the parental controls of this site so we can keep an eye on what they are emailing.  We feel it is a safe way to give them some privileges and start teaching them responsibility on the Internet.
Mail Queue Settings
This is the preview of the emails I am sent to my email so I can see what is going to the kids.  I blocked out email addresses.
This is the email I got from my hubby about his email getting blocked until approvral.
These are the safety settings I can control.  I blocked out email addresses.
 We will definitely continue to use this email product while we have access to it and it is something we will definitely consider purchasing for our children once our subscription is up so that they continue using a safe email and we can continue monitoring it until we feel our children are ready for the responsibility and accountability of an un-monitored email.  You can learn more about on their website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Instagram.  You can find out more about the Annual Subscription we received by clicking here.  You can also see what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew think of this product by clicking the banner below. Annual Subscription
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