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A Review of Educeri Lesson Subscription Service

Imagine there was an online website that had thousands of lesson plans with printable worksheets in several different subject areas for multiple grade levels, wouldn’t that be a great resource to have access to?  This is exactly the website we found when we recently got a chance to review the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri……Educeri a division of DataWORKS.  This lesson subscription service gives you access to over 1,000 lessons in multiple subjects for all grades. 
Educeri Lesson Subscription Service Reviews
Educeri is a company that wants to have lesson plans ready for you at any time for multiple subjects whether you teach school in a private setting or a public setting.  Their lesson plans feature standards-based content, real-time feedback through built-in checking, and research-based, classroom-tested procedures.  Every lesson also comes with printable student handouts that you can download and print.  They have lessons in Math, Science, English Language Arts, History, Art, P.E., Music, Spanish, English Language Development, and Other Resources such as Engagement Norms.  These lessons are available for K-12 grade.  They offer plans for individuals (such as homeschoolers) or for schools (such as a public school district).
I used the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service for both of my kids.  I was excited to see so many English Language Arts and Math lessons available for 3rd grade and 8th grade.  These two subjects always seem to be the ones that I look for new ways to teach the concepts of when my kids need to re-enforce concepts or teach them differently if they are struggling.  I was also excited to find a really nice Civil War lesson for Buddy as this fits with his History this year. 
See the "Additional Resources" area, this is what I forgot when we first did this lesson.
The first lesson that I had Little Miss do was a lesson on multiplication called “Memorize Multiplication Facts.”  She is currently learning division in math so I thought that making sure her multiplication facts are memorized would be a great asset and help to learning division.  I had her sit at the computer and watch as she clicked through the lesson slides.  It was nicely set up and had great charts of multiplication facts.  As she clicked it would fill in the chart for her and we would go over the fact.  The whole time I kept feeling like we were missing something and she should be doing more than just clicking to put up the facts.  It turns out we did miss something.  I completely missed that before you click the button to start the lesson there is a button you can click for additional resources.  This additional resources area is where the printable student worksheet  that accompanies the lesson is.  So I went back and found that to print off and the lesson made much more sense as she could fill out the worksheet and then use the slides to check her answers.  I also had her do a lesson on fractions as she is also learning this concept in her math.  I printed off the worksheet before she started the lesson and I had her click to start the lesson.  We went through the first few screens of the lesson to introduce it and so I could teach her the material they were discussing.  Then I had her fill out her worksheet.  Once she had it finished, I had her click through the slides to check her answers and see if they were right.  Then we finished up the lesson.  Little Miss and I have also tried a couple of the English Language Arts lessons as she has been working on writing a report and there were some very helpful lessons in there.
The first lesson that I had Buddy complete is called “Describe the Major Battles of the Civil War.”  We worked through this lesson by having him sit at the computer and I had him read the information from the slides to me since he is in 8th grade.  This lesson is full of great information on the battles and I had him write down some of the major facts from this lesson.  We also discussed the facts given in this lesson as there were a lot given and we have not read much about the battles of the war yet.  We also looked at one of the History lessons on Abraham Lincoln since we have read a couple of books about him for school this year already and I thought this lesson could be very interesting to Buddy.  It gave us a chance to discuss and compare what was in the lesson to the material we had read before this lesson.  We are also using this site for some English Language Arts lessons as Buddy is working on a big report right now and there are some good lessons about transitions and informative text.
Overall, I like this concept of this website and their lessons.  If you need a quick lesson plan to fill in, teach a lesson in a little different way than you have been, or review a concept,  this site is great.  I will use this site again while I have access to it for some other lessons that fit into our school for both kids.  I did not like the method the lesson used to teach fractions.  It was confusing and complicated what I thought was a simple lesson in the way the lesson asked the questions.  This particular lesson asked what fraction the shaded area represented and then it tried to break it down into more questions.  They asked what fraction the parts represented and then what fraction the shaded part represented.  This really confused Little Miss as she knew the shaded part was 2/3, but it confused her about the fractional part where the answer was the shape was broken into 1/3  pieces.  The way the questions for this were written felt very tricky and like you were going in circles.  I believe this is part of the new “common core” math stuff that I am not particularly a fan of because I think it over complicates math instead of doing it the simple “old school” way I learned growing up.  I feel that for the most part the lessons had very good content, but they really felt like the kids were sitting in a public school classroom.  The lessons felt very task oriented and like I could check off each part when I got done.  This isn’t a bad thing, it is just what I have been trying to get away from to give us more freedom to research topics of interest in our school.  I believe that the lessons may work better in larger settings like public schools or if I was teaching classes in our homeschool group because it felt at times there should be discussions between students. 

Check out the Educeri Lesson Subscription Service from Educeri……Educeri a division of DataWORKS and see if it will work for your school.  In addition to finding them on their website, you can also find out more on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.  You can also find out what my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew thought about this product by clicking the banner below.
Educeri Lesson Subscription Service

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