Friday, October 14, 2016

Hold Your Horses!!!

We have entered into a new season in our house.  Little Miss is now taking lessons for something I never thought we would get into, but I am totally excited to see her get into it.  She is taking HORSE lessons.  Of course she is like every little girl and has been telling us for a couple of years now that she wants to ride horses, but I didn't take that as seriously as I should.  We have family that has horses and my only regret now is that I didn't get her started in lessons sooner.  Anyway...
Little Miss and Aunt Sherri.  She is riding Shadow.
Little Miss on Roanie with Aunt Wendy
Little Miss at her most recent horse show being lead by Brian.  She is riding Shadow.
We went to see one of the horse shows that my aunts are helping run and see what it was all about this summer because Hubby is helping my aunt create a program for the horse show.  At that show, Little Miss was hanging out in the announcing booth with my Aunt Sherri and I knew it was a matter of time until she was on a horse.  Aunt Sherri had her up on a horse in no time and Little Miss just sat up there like she had been riding her whole life.  She showed no fear, she sat up big and tall, and listened to all my aunt told her as she was lead around outside the arena.  Little Miss did great for her first time on a horse and when they were done, they headed back up to the announcing booth.  We watched more of the horse show which reminded me of my summers watching my Aunt Sherri race and just enjoyed figuring out what was going on.  Next thing we knew Aunt Sherri came down from the booth, said "Get your camera ready!" and Little Miss was off.  She actually competed in that horse show in the Pee Wee division so that she can be lead.  Brandye lead her in the event and Little Miss won!!!  She was hooked and loved it!  Who knew Little Miss would be racing horses in Western events?
Little Miss won the overall in the Pee Wee Division at her 2nd horse show
Getting instructions from Aunt Wendy during lessons
Little Miss at her most recent horse show.  She is being led by Uncle Brian.
Love this sweet shot of Aunt Sherri and Little Miss cooling down Roanie and Shadow after the last horse show.
Since that first ride we have been working with Aunt Wendy (Sherri's sister) and getting lessons.  Aunt Wendy is thrilled to have a little girl to teach riding to and Little Miss loves that Aunt Wendy is willing to teach her.  She has been learning the basics of riding a horse - from caring for the horses to riding to what to do in the "what if" situations.  They have been so patient and caring to teach her.  Little Miss even rode one of the big horses completely on her own in one of her last lessons.  Since the first horse show this summer, Little Miss has ridden in 2 more shows and she cleaned up.  She has been lead in every show because she isn't quire ready to ride on her own yet, but she will get there.  We are thinking she will be riding on her own by next Spring which is fun and a little scary for this Mama at the same time.  We are EXTREMELY grateful to Wendy, Brian, and Brandye for the use of their horses and so, so, SO grateful to Wendy for the lessons.  It has truly been a blessing to see Little Miss get so excited about something.  She also loves her boys, Shadow and Roanie!
Shadow (the black horse) and Roanie
I am totally going to be using this Fall and Winter to brush up on all things horses including cute cowgirl boots.  Got any ideas?  I am going to need some for my horse loving girl...


  1. great pictures and article and I love to see Little Miss riding and bro jumping on getting those flags and barrels set back up. She has no fear and I agree with you it is a little scary for me too!!!

  2. exciting for her (and you apparently). Enjoy the horses! :)


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