Saturday, October 29, 2016

It is Almost Time for a Holiday Gift Guide

This year I am planning on putting together a Holiday Gift Guide.  I am looking for and reaching out to companies and individuals who would like to participate.  If you represent a business, own a business, or have a home based business, I would love to work with you.  It can be a large product, stocking stuffers, or even a service, I am more than happy to work with you.  The only requirement I have is that the product must be family friendly as this is a family friendly blog.
I am offering several options for your participation:
  1. Product Reviews - For this one you send me a product, my family and I will try it out and write a review.  I will take pictures and write up a review about the product with links to your site and social media.  I will also share the review on our my social media as well.  
  2. Giveaways - This can be combined with the first option.  If it is not in combination with a review, I would just do a write up about your product and host a giveaway for the specified product.  This includes sharing on my social media.  When the giveaway ends, I will send you the winner's information so you can send them their product they won.
  3. A Paid Post - I will write a post based on your site and the information you send me.  I will need quality photos to include and I will include links to your site as well as share this on my social media.  I charge $25 - $50 for the post depending on what your requirements are.
If you are interesting in being included in my Holiday Gift Guide with any of these options, please contact me.  I would also love to work with you if you have another idea of how I can include you in my Holiday Gift Guide.

Contact me today as I would love to include you in my Holiday Gift Guide.

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