Thursday, November 10, 2016

A Round-Up of Thanksgiving Crafts

I love crafting!  It is my therapy.  I try my best to spend a little time each day working on one project or another.  Today I thought I would share with you some crafts you can do for Thanksgiving.  Some of the crafts are quicker than others.  Some can be done with kiddos and some are probably best left to adults.  Some of these I have made and others are on my to get done someday list.  You can find them all on my Pinterest boards, so if you don't follow me on Pinterest yet, please take a quick moment to do so.  We always do more crafts in our little homeschool near the holidays and some of the ones listed below we will definitely be doing this year.
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  • Felt Pumpkins - these are on my "to make" list, but they would make great table decorations for Thanksgiving.
  • Stained Glass Fall Leaves -  these are fun to make with the kids.  My own kids have made them and I taught the preschool/Kindergarten class in our homeschool group to make them.  They are very festive to put on the windows for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Fall Tree Craft - this one would be fun to do with the kids and I must admit I would make my own too.  I buy puzzles at thrift shops for crafts like these and I also keep puzzles from our own house when pieces disappear and we can no longer rework them.  
  • Turkey Napkin Rings - these are on my some day list of crafts to make, but how cute would they be on the dinner table for Thanksgiving or even every day for November?
  • Acorn Treats - These would be a fun little treat to make with kids.  I know my kids love making fun food crafts.
  • Turkey Cookies - These are super fun to make.  We have made them here at home and we made them in our homeschool group.  It is a great use for Halloween candy.  
  • Turkey Tootsie Pops - These turkeys are also fun to make with the kiddos and then put by the napkins on the table for Thanksgiving dinner.
  • Fingerprint Turkey Cards - These are a lot of fun to do with preschoolers!  It can get messy for them, but it seems the messier ti gets the more they like it.
  • Fall Coloring Pages - I love coloring!  It is relaxing to me.  These would be fun to color while dinner is in the oven on Thanksgiving.  Maybe you can get your whole family coloring and do a contest after dinner.
  • Autumn Wreath with Ornaments - Stores are already putting out Christmas supplies so it should be pretty easy to get the supplies to make this wreath.  It is on my list of projects to make because I would love it on my front door.  
  • Oreo Acorns - These are on my list to create this year with my kids.  
  • Family Handprint Turkeys - These would be fun to create when you have multiple generations around so you can create a legacy turkey.
  • Fall Mason Jar Candle Holders - These cute mason jar candle holders just need leaves (real or fake), a mason jar, and modge podge.  Super easy, but very cute.
  • Fall Letter Hanging - This is super cute and would be super easy to make.  I see myself making one of these in the near future...heat up the glue gun.
  • Fall Leaf Bowls - These leaf bowls look super easy to make and they are super cute.  They would be cute to mix in with the felt pumpkins as table decor.
  • Crocheted Fall Wreath - This wreath is SUPER cute.  I know because I just made one the other week to hang up between Halloween and Thanksgiving.  I will be sharing more about it with you tomorrow.
I hope you will try some of these crafts and let me know how they turn out.  This week I am linking up this post with my friends on the Homeschool Review Crew.  You will definitely want to click on the banner below starting on Friday, November 11, 2016 because for this round-up we are writing all about being Hands On for the Holidays.
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