Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday Fun - Crocheted Fall Wreath

A few weeks ago I had a little extra time on my hands due to having minor outpatient surgery.  It was nothing major, but it meant some downtime for me and I chose to spend it making a project that had been on my to do list for awhile.  I had pinned this Crocheted Fall Wreath from Repeat Crafter Me, which is one of my favorite crochet blogs, and  before my surgery I bought the couple of colors of yarn I needed to make this project.  I knew when I started the project that I would have to adapt it a little because I knew my wreath form was not as big as the one she uses in her pattern.  I typically find my wreath forms at the local dollar store for $1 each so I just adjust the pattern to fit the form I use.  It took me about a week to finish this wreath because we were still working on school and I napped as needed to recover from my surgery.  If I had not had multiple interruptions and other things going on, I am sure this wreath could be completed in 2 days or less.  It worked up really quickly.  I am not including the instructions for this wreath since you can check out my pin for it or find it on the blog I linked to.  I thought I would just share my pictures I took along the way of working on and completing this project.  I do apologize if they are blurry, they were taken with my iPad and sometimes it doesn't take clear pictures.
Glimpse of Normal Blog
Here are the colors I picked for my wreath

Just getting started

Adding in the third color.  I just added it in on my turning chain.

Loving the color combination
Look at all those tails to tie in and use to sew the wreath together.

Before I filled it with filling

I decided I wanted my wreath to be a little fuller so I used filling and added it around the wreath form as I was sewing on the crocheted covering.

I like it fuller

Pumpkin wannabes!

Almost pumkins

Getting there

Yay!!!  Finally they are pumpkins.

Finished wreath.  I just hot glued on my pumpkins and leaves.
What do you think?  Are you adding this wreath to your to-do list?  What crochet blogs do you read?  I would love to hear your feedback.

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  1. that's well done. I don't crochet, but i think that looks neat. :)


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