Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Weekend Traditions

Thanksgiving has come and gone in a whirlwind.  We enjoyed time with family and friends this weekend in addition to getting much of our Christmas shopping done.  I feel like we are a little ahead of the game this year...maybe...if I am lucky.  Anyway, we have a few Thanksgiving weekend traditions that I want to share with you just for fun.
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Tradition #1 - Getting the Christmas Tree Up
We almost always put our Christmas tree up the weekend of Thanksgiving.  There has been a year or two where we have been sick and it has had to wait, but for the most part it goes up the day after Thanksgiving.  In past years we have always had an artificial tree and it is beautiful.  My mom and step dad gave it to us when they closed his florist shop and it has lived a good life at our house and been VERY loved.  The artificial tree we have is starting to show its age so for the last few years we have been on the lookout for another one, but we have been unsuccessful at finding another artificial tree that compares at a reasonable price.  So this year we tried something completely new for us and we bought a live Christmas tree.  So far I am loving it and it doesn't bug me too much to clean up the needles daily.

Tradition #2 - Setting Out the Christmas Decorations
In addition to putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend, we also set out all of our Christmas decorations.  There are wreaths, signs, lights, Christmas houses, snowmen, and Nativity sets.  I LOVE all of it and love finding a home for each piece.  Almost every room has something Christmas in it and it just helps us stay in the holiday spirit.  My favorite pieces are my Snowmen Ice Rink and my Nativity sets.  This year my table centerpiece got a makeover due to an unfortunate accident with last year's table centerpiece.  I use to have a snowman cookie jar filled with ornaments that sat in the middle of my table, but he had a rather bad accident last year and didn't quite make it to this year.  So I used my hurricane lamp which is meant for a candle, put some foam in the bottom to block anything from falling out and filled it with my ornaments.  I LOVE the result.  It looks elegant, yet it was so simple.

Here is the hurricane lampshade full of ornaments.
A view of the ornaments in the hurricane shade.
Tradition #3 - A New Ornament for Each of the Kids
We started the tradition of an ornament for each of the kids the year Buddy was born.  It quickly became a tradition that both kids love.  They get a new ornament each year and the ornament we pick out for them is based on what they are into that year or a memory from the year.   Each year as we decorate the tree, it is fun to pull these ornaments out and reminisce why we picked each one.   The only thing that makes me sad about this tradition is that some day each kid will get to take their ornament collection with them when they grow up and move out.  This year Buddy got a "bronco" that is disguised as Rudolph because he is currently fixing up an old bronco with his dad.  Little Miss got a cowgirl boot since we have jumped into the world of riding horses and racing this year.

Tradition #4 - Decorating the Outside of the House
Normally we pick a warm day to get all the lights up outside.  This year they have not went up yet, but only because there is a little more work to be done on the roof to finish getting our house re-roofed.  So the lights should be up by the week's end.

What are your Thanksgiving weekend traditions?   I would love to hear all about them.

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