Saturday, December 10, 2016

Decisions, Decisions

Lately we have been trying to make some decisions.  They are pretty big, important decisions and they are hard.  We have went back and forth, wavered, said yes, put the brakes on, and taken every single step of a decision you can take.  The most important step of the decisions we have been making that we have taken is to PRAY.  Every time we sit here and say “I don’t know,” we pray.  It seems like God just keeps opening the doors and answering our prayers.  Even though we have been Christians for quite awhile now, we haven’t always stopped to ask God first because we get caught up in what we want, what we think, and just doing.  This time, with these decisions, it has been completely different.  Why?  God.  We are actively looking for God’s answers and continually asking Him for His will instead of just pushing ahead with our wants, desires, and what we think we should do.  It has been amazing to me to see how God has opened doors for us.  We have been looking for Him to take the lead and when you look for that, that is exactly what you find.  We have seen where God has clearly said NO.  We have seen God open doors that were previously closed and doors that we didn’t even think of.  We’ve seen Him say “Wait” and that has been okay.  Even with my impatient nature I am seeing how the wait is okay.  We are taking our decisions one step at a time and actively seeking God’s will for us.   This time we agreed to seek God first, then we decide.  In the end through all the decisions, maybe God will say No after all and that will be okay because I know it will be from Him.  In the meantime, we have peace while we wait because we know God is in the lead.  When God is in the lead, who am I to argue? 
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While I am not ready to share any specifics with you about our decisions today, I promise I will share at some point.  If you pray, please pray that we continue to seek God’s will first in our decisions and that the decisions we are making will work according to His plan.  We know without a doubt His plans are by far greater than ours and that brings us peace, hope, and joy.  God is good ALL the time!

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