Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Nail Polish Dipped Ornaments

Every December I take part in an ornament exchange.  I also love to make ornaments with the kids to give to Sunday School teachers and family members.  So this year as December got closer I kept seeing a video on Facebook of how to make nail polish dipped ornaments.  Being curious like I am I wondered if it would really work like they showed in the video.  Could it really be that easy to make a cute ornament?  I have tried recipes that I see on those videos and they aren't always as easy or as tasty as the video shows (some are though), but I thought I would give it a shot.
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Items Needed:
Clear bulb ornaments - any size (I happened to have mini-ornaments left over from last year)
Various shades of nail polish
Clothes Pins (this I added, you will see why)
What To Do:
1.  Fill your bowl of water 3/4 of the way full.
2.  Using the clothes pins, clip them on the tops of the ornaments.  This made it easier for me to dip my ornaments and then to set them down to dry.
3.  Choose your first color of nail polish and pour some into the water.
4.  With a second color of nail polish, take the brush, dip it into the polish and then tap it over the other color of nail polish in the bowl of water.  Ideally you want a drop here or there, but if you end up with a big blob it is okay.

(Note: I did try adding glitter nail polish to the water and it made the colors separate so don't add it to the water.  I did end up using glitter polish for some sparkle, but I waited until the next day when my ornaments were dry and just brushed it directly on the ornament.)
5.  Using your toothpick, swirl the colors until it is a pretty pattern or as mixed as you want it to be.

6.  Grab the ornament by the clothes pin and then dip it into the nail polish water.  Swirl it in the water to get as much nail polish on the ornament as desired.
7.  After you pull the ornament out of the water, let it dry.  I let my ornaments dry overnight, but I am sure they were dry in just a couple of hours, if that long.
8.  The following morning I brushed glitter nail polish directly on my ornaments and then set them down to dry again.  I thought the glitter would pick up the Christmas lights from the tree.
These ornaments turned out super cute and they really were super easy to make.  They are something I will make this year with my kids because they could do this project without it being too messy.  I also like this project because it is a great way to use up some nail polish and overall it was an inexpensive project to do.  The worst part of this project was cleaning up the bowl so next time I will just use a plastic bowl that I could throw away.  What crafts do you do at Christmas time?

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