Monday, January 30, 2017

January ReBoot Check-in

It is the end of January already which means it is time to check in on how I am doing on my Rebooting challenge for myself.  You can read my original post about it here and December's progress here.  I started off strong and got through December okay, but January has been a hot mess.  I have to be completely honest and tell you that there were days I tried really hard and there were days I couldn't even pretend to be getting everything in order.  We have had A LOT of stress with A LOT of ups and downs.  There has also been a death in my family (my cousin passed away) and that led to some stress/comfort eating.  I will be sharing more in February about what has been going on that has been so stressful, but for now I can't really share about it.  Anyway I am sad to tell you that I refuse to step on the scale this month to see where I am at.  My ticker will say that I haven't changed from last month, but it is just because I don't have the courage to step on the scale and see the damage.  I know it isn't good.   While I am not happy to have a setback and not eat well this month, I have had a couple of break throughs that will help me move forward.  Break through #1 is that I am letting go of a situation that has really weighed me down for the last couple of years.  I have been praying and praying about this situation and feel like we have finally gotten some closure about it by letting go and putting it completely in God's hands.  Break through #2 is that I have hit my step goal more often than not this month because we have been BUSY.  For February, life will continue to be a little crazy and unpredictable, but I am planning to do the best I can.  I am leaving my goals the same and going to do what I can do each day.  I hope to have a better check in at the end of February.
  • Restarting Trim Healthy Mama - I didn't make great eating choices this month and I absolutely know that I can do better.  I plan to do so in February.  I would love to see a 5 pound weight loss between now and the end of F
  • Exercising - Again I started off great with this and then we got C-R-A-Z-Y busy so my routine exercising went out the window.  I was still moving just due to being busy, but not officially exercising.
  • Getting My Steps In - Most days this month I did get my steps plus more in due to being busy.  I plan to continue trying to hit my goal every day.
  • Water - I have definitely started drinking more water, but I could still get in even more.  I have drastically cut back on the soda and focused more on water.  I am getting there and water is not tasting as boring as it usually does so I guess that is good.
Are you working on getting healthier?  Do you have any goals I can cheer you on in?  I would love to hear all about them.

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