Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One Word for 2017

For many years in January I have read blogs that my friends write about their word of the year.  I have always thought it was pretty cool that they were able to pick a word and focus on it, reflect on it, and try to live it out through the year.  This year starting at the beginning of January, I started seeing these word posts pop up and I started thinking about picking my own word.  God has laid a word in my heart and He actually started working with me on this word quite awhile ago, but it was just recently that I started to really, really get it.  My word for 2017 that I am choosing to focus on is:  FAITH.
One Word, A Glimpse of Normal, Faith

One definition of faith is belief and trust in and loyalty to God.  This is definition I am focusing on this year.  I fully believe that God currently has our family on a faith journey and I can't wait to share it with you very soon.  I know, I know I keep teasing you guys with telling you about what is going on with our lives, but I really do have to wait for the right timing and then I will completely tell you all about it.  Anyway, like I said I fully believe God has our family on a faith journey right now.  We have been specifically praying about some situations for a couple of years now and God is finally opening doors for us.  Instead of just rushing through those doors, we keep praying and asking God to lead our feet.  We step each step we take in full FAITH that God will show us the way and the part that just blows us away is that God is doing it.  Every time we respond with prayer and faith, God responds with opening and closing the appropriate doors.  He gives us clear answers and He is providing in so many ways.  Now I totally believe that He was doing this before too, but the difference is I wasn't looking for it every single day like I am now.  I am relying on my FAITH and God is answering and He is answering in BIG ways.

So my word for this year is FAITH.  I will continue to look for it every day.  I will continue to pray and wait for God to answer because He will in His time.  I will have faith and not rush to do what I think I should do, but instead be patient and wait for God to open or close the right doors.  I will have FAITH and let God lead.

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  1. I just recently heard about this one word for the year. God laid on my heart "take action". Have a blessed year.

    1. Wow! That is a big one. I love it when God gives us the instructions!

  2. About 3 years ago I started this word to focus on each year! For this year God has brought to my attention that it is " Basic" - for me this means getting back to the basic's of life. God, Family, Health and Wealth are the 4 basic area that God has brought to my attention that I need to work on. With that it comes with many hard changes but much needed ones to get back to the basics- Love you sister!

    1. That is a great word too. Love the meaning it has for you and I am always here to help. Love you too!


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