Friday, February 24, 2017

Our Barn Home: Progress Part 1

Happy Friday!!!  You haven't heard much from me lately because we have been busy, busy, busy fixing up our barn before we move in this weekend.  I knew that getting the barn where we wanted it would be a lot of work because it really needed some love, but whew, we are tired!  We have been working there every night and weekend since we closed on the barn.  You can see the before pictures I posted HERE.  I am very thankful to all the friends and family that have been coming to help.  They have painted, cleaned, brought food, and just been a blessing to us.  So please don't think we have done all the work ourselves.  It has been quite the group effort.

In two weeks time we have: cleaned and painted the bedrooms, cleaned and painted the loft, mudded and sanded the guest room, painted ceilings in all the bedrooms, loft, living room, and out into the open area above the living room, installed wood siding in a bedroom, made lots of drywall repairs, started cleaning up the outside front  pasture, and more.  Wait did she just say pasture?  Yes, I think I forgot to mention that at one time the new property we bought was a horse farm.  Since it was a horse farm it has a couple of small pastures on it that are fenced in nicely, but super overgrown with briers and random shrubs so there is a lot of outside work too.  Anyway, the barn is coming along nicely and we are just about where we planned to be for moving day which is today.  We are super excited to sleep in our new home tonight and get to set up our bedrooms.
Living room

Guest room - there were 2x4 boards on the walls that were just hiding where someone chose not to mud and tape.

Tile in front of the front door came up.

Little Miss' room.  I don't know what the people before us did to the walls, but they weren't kind to them.

Buddy's room


Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Living room

Loft with color - it is a blue/gray

We ate our first meal here!

Little Miss and her Peacock Teal paint.

Buddy Painting

Handsome Hubby has so many areas to fix around the beams

Little Miss decided to add a gray accent wall in her room.

Buddy and his grandpa put the wood siding on his walls to make it feel like a lodge.  Buddy chose how he wanted to do his room and it is turning out really cool.

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Mudded guest room

If you look close you can see the 2 different colors - the loft color and the living room color

Hallway near the guest room

I painted the closet in Little Miss' room

This bathroom wall had a crazy ridiculous amount of texture on it that had to be knocked down, scraped off, and sanded.

Guest room freshly painted

A view of my new island that will go in the kitchen.  If you want to see it closer, check out my Instagram page.

Buddy's room with new carpet

Finished bathroom wall - this was the crazy textured wall

Out front - crazy overgrowth

The fresh painted ceiling is what I was trying to take a picture of, but got a picture of Buddy's shadow waving at you instead.

Color going in the upstairs bathroom

Guest room carpet

Master bedroom carpet

Loft carpet

Buddy's carpet

Little Miss' Carpet
Me - crazy tired, but still loving this home and our new journey
We still have quite a ways to go on our barn, but we LOVE it!!!  It is really cool and it has been fun to see how little changes, make a big difference.  What do you think I would love to hear it?  #ireallyliveinabarn

P.S. - If you comment and I really hope you do, I will be reading them next week as we are switching internet companies and will be without internet access for a couple of days.  So I am not being rude and not responding, I am just waiting for the internet man.  😁


  1. Looking wonderful! So happy for you!

  2. I am loving all the progression photos. Everything is coming along beautifully! Great choices of wall colors and that wood!


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