Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Rebooting Update

The month of February has flown by for us.  I guess that is what happens when you move.  I don’t have a ton to tell you because we have been so busy with the moving, but I wanted to give you a general update as promised.  I have no clue if I lost or gained weight this month as I packed away my scale and I am not sorry about it.  The scale is living in a box somewhere in the new house right now and I am kind of happy it is living in that box.  It is freeing to not be worried about what that little box that displays numbers will say.  So I am not quite sure when I will unpack it, but trust me finding it is not really a priority for me.  My eating plan has not been on THM at all because most days it was eat whatever I could get fixed for dinner before we had to work on the new house.  So this is an area where I really need to get back on track in March.  I knew that February’s eating plan would fall apart and there wasn’t much I could do about it.  Living in between 2 houses is C-R-A-Z-Y and we did the best we could.  I also really need to get back on track with drinking water.  This past month it has been way too easy to keep myself running on coffee and soda just for the extra energy caffeine gives (or that my mind tells me it gives).  The thing I have done really well with this month is getting my steps in.  My daily tracker is now at the point where it consistently tells me I need 7000+ steps every day.  Before February it was telling me between 4000-5500 steps each day so I have really increased it and been pretty consistent with getting the steps in.  I guess that is one of the benefits of having a second floor in your house.
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As there are every month there are some things I want to work on for March.  We can always improve and do things better right?
  • Eating plan – March will be the month I get back to eating the Trim Healthy Mama (THM) way.  I plan to restart this eating plan just the way I did before – 1 meal at a time.  Now that we are getting settled it will be easier for me to think about my meals and I won’t have to eat so many on the go.  I want to make sure I am getting a good mix of meals in as far as E, S, and FP go (these are the types of fuels you give your body in THM).  I am not going to beat myself up if I get off track.  I will just do better for the next meal.  I also need to work on cutting out the sugary food again and eating the THM way will help with that.
  • Water, Water, Water – I need to cut the soda habit again and get back to water.  I know my body needs the water and it will help me greatly.
  • Steps – I would love to keep my tracker telling me that I need 7,000+ steps consistently so I will be continuing to focus on getting the walking in.  I would love to have my tracker yelling at me for 10,000 steps by summer so I better keep up with the consistency.  I also find that I sleep a lot better when I hit and go over my step goal for the day. 
The things I want to work on are pretty simple and haven’t changed much since I started my reboot in November of last year mainly because life has been a little crazy for us with the buying of our new home and selling of our old one.  So now that all that has happened it is time to focus once again on making the changes I want to make to get healthy.  I am hoping to come back at the end of March and tell you there have been major improvements, but until then I am just going to take it one day at a time.  That is all we can do right?

Are there life changes you are trying to make?  I would love to hear about them and encourage you along the way too.  Do you have any hints to get more water in?  I would love to hear them too.

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  1. Getting into the new habits of new exercises such as jumping rope. I'm following a guys beginner jump rope for a week. It's good to reboot occasionally and get back on track. Hope you're doing well.


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