Saturday, March 11, 2017

Our Barn Home: Progress Part 2

I can't believe it has been a couple of weeks since I have given you a progress report on our new barn house (HERE is part 1 in case you missed it).  We have owned the barn for one month, but it already feels like much longer than that.  We are loving our new home and having a lot of fun exploring and discovering new things about the house and the area around us.

Since we have moved in, it seems like progress on the house has slowed down, but it really hasn't.  We have been chugging away at things bit by bit.  We have been slowed down a little because we have had to make some pretty big decisions about a few things for the house, but it is coming together.  As I type, the upstairs is almost completely done and by the end of the weekend it should be completely finished construction-wise and just waiting for finishing touches of decorating.  We have been doing a lot of changing out of fixtures, finishing touch ups of paint, and currently baseboard is going in.  This house seriously lacked baseboard when we moved in.  Now I will tell you the rest in pictures...fair warning a couple are blurry so bear with me.

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This would be how hubby was originally painting our ceiling in the main area.  It is pretty high and this ladder was extend all the way.  He is brave because there is no way I would be up there painting like that.  If you don't like the close up version of this picture you might want to close your eyes for a moment as you scroll down.

Yep, scares me too!

So we rented some scaffolding...or as the kids called it a jungle gym.  Yes they had a great time hanging out on it while dad painted.

Our living room is currently housed in our guest room as we still do not have a living room floor in yet, but there is a good reason we have been holding off on the floor...keep reading....

I have been busy painting trim to use as baseboard.  We wanted something very basic to match the rooms and not take away from the wood beams.  So I have been painting and painting and painting....

We hung our first wall decorations this week!  My handsome hubby made this for me a few years ago and it fit this spot on the wall perfectly and now we have somewhere to hang our coats again.

Please don't worry that stuff is all around and on our wood stove.  This one does not work properly and is being replaced.  It has been a BIG decision to make and we finally have picked out the new wood burning stove.  We are looking forward to the wood burner getting replaced this week along with the chimney company putting in brand new pipe for the stove all the way up and out of the house.  This was not an easy decision, but the more we consider the more we chose to get it all brand new for safety, peace of mind, and a product that works.

We have one area of this wall to paint yet and then all the high parts are painted.  Don't worry we can safely reach it from the tall step ladder.

Sorry for the blurry photo, but this is the view of the painted wall looking out from the loft.

This is the view looking across the loft and it is very hard to see the shade of grey on the walls, but they are painted.  The lighting was pretty bad in here the day I took the photos.

We changed out the light outside of our bedroom to this old style lantern light.  The one that this one replaced was um...."artsy?"  It certainly didn't fit the barn or my taste so it had to go.

We also hung a mirror this week so I guess I have no more excuses if I look bad.  We took down the only hanging mirror in the house one of the first weeks here because it was attached to a medicine cabinet that was not what I wanted and it was very bulky.  So it is nice to have a mirror hanging up again so we can actually see what we look like before we leave the house.

I bought a bath mat!  I know it isn't a huge deal to some of you, but I spent some time looking for just what I wanted.  This was it and it was on sale and I got an extra 10% off...woo hoo!

This is the upstairs bathroom all painted.  I don't think I included a finished picture of it last time.  It is a dark blue-grey.

I picked out and bought a new light for the upstairs bathroom.  The longer it sat in my living room, because we wanted to hang the light up a little higher and that required moving wiring, the more I decided it wasn't the light I wanted in there.  So it will go back to the store and I will pick out something else.  I know, I am picky, I am okay with that.

Hubby hung up a closet rod so I could finally hang our clothes up.  Don't mind all of extra bedding underneath the clothes.  I have to move those yet and find a good spot for them.

The other half of the closet will get an organizer, but it will have to be something special because of the odd shape of the roof.  We've also bought an organizer and taken it back.  They just aren't made as strong as they used to be in certain brands.

We replaced the light between the kids' bedrooms.  I love this one!

Buddy got a new light and ceiling fan for his lodge bedroom.  This one is perfect in there.

Buddy's trim is finally all finished.

Buddy's room is all done and looks great.  Buddy and his Grandpa did all the walls and they did fantastic.  Plus his room has a great pine smell right now from the wood!!!
The big tall ceilings are all painted

I think that is pretty much it.  We have done a lot of unpacking.  We have been pricing out some other things we need to fix.  We are plugging away little by little.  We are still super excited for our barn home and know that every little thing we do, will make a huge difference in the end.  What do you think?



  1. LOVE IT!!! Great job on getting so much done!!!

  2. looks good - you all are doing great - Love, Kathi


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